• Breaks in the clouds a.k.a. Diversions over ‘Yolanda’ aftermath

    Karen Kunawicz

    Karen Kunawicz

    Everyone has his or her own way of dealing. We have been collectively facing the aftermath of a tragedy over the last two weeks. Others instinctively went out to volunteer—not just at the nearest volunteer stations out to far away and hard to reach affected areas. Some raised funds or donated. For others, life went on with their daily routines and duties.

    Super Typhoon Yolanda remained inescapable though—she was on television, radio and on Facebook. I did need breaks from her in the form of the following:

    Chernila #5—Short comics in a tiny booklet, Chernila was a find from the recent Komikon. I don’t know how the other issues are, but apparently each story in a volume of Chernila hinges on a word—and the word for issue #5 was “fear.” I must have gravitated towards it because of the issues I leafed through, it was had the darkest content. It’s rough and raw in terms of art and lettering but it fits that it is rough and raw, and I do get the sentiments behind most of the stories.

    Chernila is the output of a UP History Major, some Information Design students from Ateneo and their cohorts. A bit of tweaking on the grammar might help,but these kids are on to something and I would get another one.

    This is great for moments when the attention span is short—and there’s a craving for something new, indie and edgy.

    The Walking Dead Season 4—I come from the backwoods—where Daryl Dixon lives and where I don’t do any of this downloading business (I just wait for someone’s hard drive to hijack). I do appointment television for The Walking Dead and I watch the Saturday evening broadcasts on Fox. Season 4 is still picking up the pace, but with episode four—it’s all hands on deck for Herschel who has to deal with a flu outbreak at the prison while Rick and Maggie have to hold down the fragile fort as badasses Michonne and Daryl are out on a run with Bob and Tyrese. I don’t know if this show is a good thing to watch if you want to de-stress from human suffering and death.

    Junot Diaz’s This is How You Lose Her—There are so many books, comics, mini comics, essays on the subject of losing a lover but so many can get cryptic or downright melodramatic. Junot Diaz’s “accounts” in this collection of short stories are so full of details but they seem to have this “distance” that makes the inevitable “losing” at the end more poetic than heartbreaking; these are more studies on human nature with regards to relationships than tragic romances.

    You can find out about Chernila Comics on their Facebook site; The Walking Dead airs Saturday nights at 8:55 in FOX; and Junot Diaz’s book is available in paperback at Fully Booked.


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