• ‘Bribery’ voids Corona impeachment – Puno


    (By Jomar Canlas, Headline, October 30, 2013)
    Mr. Puno, just like ex-senator Arroyo, where were you during the term of ex-president GMA? She must have been the greatest ever corruptor in Philippine history but you have kept silent all throughout her administration. She posted Mr. Corona in SC to be her knight in shining armor in case someone will try to spell out things against her rule. You, Mr. Arroyo, you haven’t even combed your hair during the whole tenure of your ka-apelyido GMA, now you have…started making stories and issues against the administration of Mr. Aquino when you were just simply a member in the gallery who only watches and never spell a word against the evil undertakings of the Arroyo gov’t. You and Mr. Puno are now trying to stir the minds of the Filipinos with the kind of initiatives you are creating to make it look bad and even worst the kind of government Mr. Aquino is running. Did our country ever have a chance of getting the same kind of praises we have now from prestigious institutions like WB during the tenure of GMA? You, yourselves are individuals who have earned very high and quality education but it seems that the kind of education you are trying to expose now is not the kind Filipinos are expecting. Use what you have learned and instead of trying to create a rebellious attitude in the minds of your kababayan, help the people behind the wheel to steer the country’s progress relentlessly, this way you’ll be regarded as a compatriot by non other than our President in taking the country into levels of progress and prosperity we have never reach before during the dark times of GMA.
    Desert Fox, raul_remigio@ymail.com

    Money (is the) root of all evil as Pinoy and cohorts used, they are greedy kings of pork and worse
    janey, any@yahoo.com

    If I were you, Mr. Ex-Chief Justice of the SC, Mr. Puno, I’l just simply shut (my) mouth because what you are saying to get media attention does not make any sense at all. Senate who voted for Corona impeachment is an independent body. As a former justice, you should understand that all govt. officials of the land are impeachable and the Constitution as it was crafted will be acting as the judge to decides.
    You are trying to make a scenario by misleading the people that DAP might be used as a bribe to convict Corona. How do you define bribery in the first place? A bribery is a direct pay-off to an individual to keep their mouth shut or to decide in favor of an individual. Bribery should be established for the recipient that they pocketed the money. DAP releases is to augment the recommended projects of the Senators or Congressmen to be use only for their identified projects. Unlike PDAF, DAP was not given to them directly nor has the final say where to use it but just a recommendatory in nature. How come you are so silent during the years in power of GMA who overwhelmingly corrupted and drain the taxpayers money for only one purpose. To cheat opponents in elections, and to enrich themselves.
    Noel, noel.dejesus51@yahoo.com


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    1. Romeo Polistico on

      Noel, correction please, it is wrong to say that all government officials of the land are impeachable as you have stated. There are only a few government officials who are impeachable as clearly mentioned in the Constitution. My advice is to read our constitution first.