The Bridgestone B330 golf balls


I never realized how great the Bridgestone B330-S golf ball was, until I played with it. Ball speed was really good with my driver and generates lots of spin with my shorter clubs.

The Bridgestone B330-S golf ball that I used is the Hydro Core version with their new core composition. They have improved the transition between the soft inner core and the firmer outer core by adding water.

The liquid made it a softer ball with less ball spin. Thus, that the ball stays on the face of the clubface longer. This produces less sidespin that keeps it straighter, and a higher ball speed, as it is easier to compress the ball.

There are basically four models that depend on your swing speed.

The Bridgestone B330-S golf ball out of the box. PHOTO BY BUDDY DE JOYA

The RXS has more greenside spin than the RX. The new Hydrocore, the mantle layer below the cover was made firmer to reduce spin with the driver. When you putt with the ball, you will feel that it is significantly softer. The sound is really soft.

The cover is more durable and as resilient as the previous B330. But yet, the cover can be still scuffed with an aggressive wedge shot, caused by the grooves of the clubface.

When I used my driver, I noticed that the performance of the Hydro Core B330 produced a good flight and an above average ball stability into the wind. The Dual Dimple design is the main reason for this effect.

My average club head speed is 95mph. I am short of 10mph for the pro speed B330 and B330S. The four-piece construction actually gave more distance.

The B330 Hydro Core version really stands out as a ball that is softer with much greater feedback. It works very well on firm and fast greens.

When you use your putter, the feel for the B330 is the firmest. The B330-S will sound softer. The B330-RX has a sound between the B330 and the B330-S.The B330-RXS is the softest.

When using your longer clubs, the RX and RXS models feel a bit easier to compress than their standard counterparts, and each produces a slightly different feel off the irons and wedges.

Using shorter clubs
All four of the B330 models produced wedge spin in the middle of the tour ball range. The S and RXS models spin a little bit more. Players will benefit most in their short game by finding the B330 model giving you the best feel.

Using longer clubs
Bridgestone made each ball unique in the long game. Bridgestone has actually provided ball fitting centers for your driver. Based on their data, they can exactly maximize driver distance for different players.

A player who swings less than 105 MPH will produce greater ball speed with the B330-RX and B330-RXS, compared to the B330 and B330-S. The standard RX and the S model spins more with the driver and fits the low spin players better.

Bridgestone made their balls to fit more golfers. It is important to find out the better model for you from among the four distinctive models. Make certain to find out your correct club head speed to determine the exact model for you. It will definitely help you hit longer and produce better shots.


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