• Bringing back trust and personal touch in digitized real estate


    The usual process of searching for and purchasing the right property is to talk to a trusted real estate broker through the recommendation of a relative. Even when the real estate industry in the Philippines was digitized several years back, the reality of buyers being wary of unscrupulous brokers still prevailed. In effect, buyers still stayed away from the Internet when looking for a property.

    Hoppler, an online real estate platform, saw this problem and realized that Filipinos are one of the most cautious buyers in the world due to trust and relationship factors.

    According to Ramon Ballesca, Jr., Hoppler’s founder and chief executive officer, market research with another consultancy firm showed that about P40 billion are paid out in rentals and resale from licensed brokers in Metro Manila alone annually.

    To develop the digitized real estate industry along with licensed brokers, Hoppler determined it was important to build that trust factor with their potential partners. Ballesca explained that under their “Partner Broker Program,” they don’t just accept any real estate broker without screening them.

    “Our difference with other online options is that the partner brokers that we work with are not just signatures on a contract or a profile picture on a Facebook page or on our page. We screen every single one of them for legitimacy and trustworthiness. We shake their hands, look them in the eye and tell them ‘Let’s do some fantastic business together’,” Ballesca stresses.

    Once determined that these brokers are deemed legitimate, the brokers get the incentive of exclusivity.
    Hoppler’s system has a ‘first come, first serve’ platform which ensures a one broker per property policy.

    Potential buyers won’t have to talk to several brokers, thereby removing confusion and fear of making that purchase.

    Hoppler’s three-year old network now consists of about 650 licensed real estate brokers with another 1,500 real estate professionals affiliated marketing program. In addition, the company has a total of 20,000 property listings in its database as of October this year.

    Hoppler is also giving incentives to brokers who are able to sell properties located in the central business districts of Makati ang Bonifacio Global City in Taguig.

    “Rest assured that we (Hoppler) will be with you every step of the way, from looking for the right property and broker up to closing the deal and afterwards. We don’t just want to be just another online market platform. We’re making buying and selling real estate personal again,” Ballesca said.


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