Bringing innovative business solutions to Filipino entrepreneurs


Two leading technology companies recently partnered to deliver innovative business solutions for the country’s expanding small-and-medium enterprises (SME) market.

Telecom service provider PLDT, through its business arm SME Nation, signed a strategic partner-ship with Samsung to further empower entrepreneurs today with business-enhancing bundles com-prised of cutting-edge broadband and cloud services with the latest IT equipment and smart devices.

SMEs nationwide are assured of reliable high-speed connectivity, trusted cloud-based solutions partnered with high-tech gadgets such as tablets, notebooks and Smart Wi-Fi LED TVs which can help them be more productive and efficient.

“To succeed, SMEs have to capitalize on given agility and speed advantages, again, with the right ICT tools which must include highly reliable access networks and relevant business solutions which drive efficiencies and cost savings,” said PLDT EVP and head of Enterprise, International and Carrier Business, Eric Alberto.

“This is a crucial time for SMEs to have the tools and devices to help them be more competitive in their industries,” said Alberto.

The SME market, considered as the biggest business segment in the economy today, comprise 99.6 percent of all registered firms and employ 70 percent of the country’s labor force. With this in mind, it is PLDT SME Nation’s mission to provide local enterprises with new technology solutions, making their business even more profitable and helping them keep pace with the highly competitive global market.


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