• Britain calls for ‘constructive’ democracy talks in Hong Kong


    LONDON: Britain on Monday voiced concern about the escalating protests in Hong Kong and called for “constructive” talks, saying it hoped they would lead to a “meaningful advance for democracy” in the former British colony.

    “We hope that the upcoming consultation period will produce arrangements which allow a meaningful advance for democracy in Hong Kong,” the Foreign Office said in a statement.

    “The British government is concerned about the situation,” it said.

    Referring to the right to demonstrate, the Foreign Office said: “It is important for Hong Kong to preserve these rights and for Hong Kong people to exercise them within the law”.

    “These freedoms are best guaranteed by the transition to universal suffrage.”

    The Foreign Office referred to the Sino-British Joint Declaration, which enshrines the “one country, two systems” principle and preserves Hong Kong’s previous capitalist system and way of life for a period up to 2047.

    Thousands of defiant protesters stood their ground on Monday after facing tear gas and riot police in overnight clashes.

    In the worst unrest since the former British colony was handed back to China in 1997, demonstrators fought hours of running battles with police.

    The demonstrators have demanded full universal suffrage after Beijing last month said it would allow elections for the semi-autonomous city’s next leader in 2017 but would vet the candidates—a decision branded a “fake democracy”.




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    1. Not knowing what China promised to the residents of Hong Kong when the British colony turned over the jurisdiction of HK to China in 1997, must have been very serious abridgement of their right to risk their lives to uphold the universal suffrage. If China wants to be a world leader, he must show to the whole world that he rules by established laws, not making his own, moving forward.

    2. don’t be concern in hong kong rally, anyway it is none of your business. british has done many harm in hk in the past, so stop pretending you’re concern. OA!!!