• Britain sends biggest navy ship to Philippines



    COLOMBO – Britain is to send the biggest ship in its fleet to the Philippines to help with relief efforts following Super Typhoon Haiyan, Prime Minister David Cameron said Friday.

    “I can announce Britain is sending the carrier HMS Illustrious to help with #TyphoonHaiyan,” Cameron, who is heading to a Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka, said on his official Twitter account.




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    1. Eduardo T Ibanez on

      ?Bakit mabagal ang tulong ng Govierno ng Pilipinas??

      Napakalunkod naman na ang tumutong sa mga Pilipino ay ibang bansa.



    2. jonathan hirro on

      and some of us in the philippines have the audacity to reject the presence of any foreign navies docking on our ports. the audacity to stage rallies in front of the u.s. embassy calling for the abolition of the visiting forces agreement. the hell with them all. the day after yolanda left the country, we were on our knees asking washington for help. what if the u.s. turned a blind eye? what then? i suppose bagong alyansang makabayan secretary general renato reyes should be hanged as being the head instigator of those against u.s. presence in the country. number one siya sa pataasan ng ihi, wala naman binatbat.

    3. I have friends in the affected area who I have not heard from since before the storm, and it is very upsetting to continue reading that despite all the food and supplies piling up in airports, most of it is not getting to the people in the hardest-hit areas. My question is: why is there a lack of resources from the Philippine government to distribute? Cannot the military be utilized to distribute the supplies, gather the dead, etc. on a larger scale? I read comments from the highest leadership that roads are open, so much food has supposedly been distributed, but the news reports from international news outlets does not reflect these claims. I pray for all the Filipinos who have suffered and hope help reaches them soon.

    4. An international armada of humantarian relief ships, air borne crafts, and trained personel, ready food stocks, etc be placed under the security council of the UN as the conscience of the human race to face any natural disaster. UN member countries should reduce the defence budget by 10 percent anually and redirect to humatarian relief to help the poor and defenceless people of natural disasters rather than the UN pleading for international help after disaster strikes. I hope the superpowers display and prove to the world of the super ability to help the human race in disaster relief rather than being able to destroy and destruct in the name of human rights. Dont blame the world for global warming for every natural disaster. The solution is in the hands of the human race itself. NOT IN THE HANDS OF GOD. Nurture nature. Lets share the pain and sorrow of the victims as individuals, nations and as UNITED NATIONS.

    5. Thank you very much for your support, the international community – specially the US government and the UK for extending all these logistical, moral, and emotional support to our suffering Filipino countrymen.

      I wish I could say the same to our own government led by our inept president BS Aquino!

    6. Its been 7 days of starvation, no shelter, pain for victims. Why no food, water, shelter, medicine and medical teams in tacloban.

      It is disgusting the fat cat Politicians and rich people in Makati do nothing to help their fellow people

      Australia donated $140 Million last year to Philippines. None of it gets to the people who need it . its STOLEN by greedy politicians, fixers and middlemen

      We will make sure that Australian aid is cut from Philippine government and politicians and sent via charity instead.