• British Embassy gears up for business and culture festival


    The British Embassy is set to launch “This is Great Britain,” a five-month festival celebrating all that is best about Great Britain and its partnership with the Philippines.

    A series of events from film premiers, to screened performances from the highly-acclaimed National Theatre, to trade shows, business networking, celebrations of food, encouraging entrepreneurs, fashion and education will culminate in a three-day festival on Bonifacio High Street in March 2014.

    The season of events will start in the week of October 20, which marks Philippine-UK Friendship Day. With the help and support of friends in the British Alumni Association, the British Council, the British Chamber of Commerce and many others, there will be a two week-event comprised of a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth by the National Theatre (screened in HD); a concert by the renowned British boys choir Libera; a parade of classic Austin Mini cars; an equestrian event (now in its seventh year); the launch of a British book month; and a celebration of British education.

    The grand finale on Bonifacio High Street in March will take bring together all that is best about the UK, including many companies who are trading and investing with the Philippines as well as film, music and culture.

    Charge d’ Affaires Trevor Lewis said, “The celebration is a natural evolution of the partnership between the Philippines and the UK. Trade, tourism and investment between our countries continue to grow strongly. As do the people to people links represented by the over 250,000 Filipinos who now call the UK home and who will soon be able to benefit from the direct Philippines Airlines flights that are starting between Manila and London.

    “The season of events is titled ‘This is Great Britain.’ I can’t think of a better time or place to celebrate all that is Great about the UK and Philippine partnership. You’re all invited.”

    For more details, log on to the British Embassy Manila Facebook page and Twitter account (@ukinphilippines) beginning October.


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