• British PM frontrunner vows to limit immigration


    LONDON: The favorite to become Britain’s next Prime Minister on Sunday vowed to push for an EU trade deal that limits immigration, as a law firm warned Brexit needed Parliament’s backing to begin. The shock June 23 vote caused upheaval in British politics and financial markets, leaving lawmakers at odds over what negotiating position to take and when to begin the official exit procedure from the European Union. Though she campaigned for the “Remain” side, Interior Minister and Conservative leadership frontrunner Theresa May has said she will honor the result of the referendum and has ruled out holding a general election before 2020. “The Brexit vote gave us a very clear message that we couldn’t allow free movement (of people) to continue as it had,” May told ITV, adding that she would seek a guarantee for the status of EU nationals already in Britain. “It’s also about ensuring that we get the best deal possible on the trade of goods and services,” she added. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted a British trade deal would have to include freedom of movement.



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