British troops among five killed in Kabul chopper crash


KABUL: Two Britons were among five North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) troops killed in a helicopter crash in Kabul, a second blow for British forces on Sunday (Monday in Manila) after a Taliban suicide bomber targeted their convoy in the capital. The incidents came just two weeks after the resurgent militant group overran the key northern city of Kunduz, their biggest military victory in 14 years of war. The helicopter crashed while landing at the NATO headquarters in Kabul, the military coalition said, ruling out any insurgent activity behind the incident. “The [crash]resulted in the death of five Resolute Support [NATO] personnel and the injury of five others,” it said in a statement, without revealing their nationalities. The defense ministry in London confirmed that two British Royal Air Force personnel were among those killed, adding that an investigation had been launched into the crash.



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