• Britons arrested for assaulting security guards


    SECURITY marshalls at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig arrested two Britons for allegedly assaulting two guards who stopped them from skateboarding in the commercial establishment on Saturday. Taguig City Police Chief Senior Supt. Arthur Asis said Britons Sam Reynolds and Christopher Edwards allegedly punched Nydes Buenafe and Imbran Ibno at about 5:35 p.m. at Tierra Park. Reynolds and Edwards were charged with physical injuries and malicious mischief before the Taguig City Prosecutors Office. It was learned that Edwards was detained at the Taguig jail while Reynolds was confined at an undisclosed hospital for a broken rib.


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    1. I saw some of this on the news last night & i had to laugh. They wanted to confiscate their skateboards when apparently they wernt doing anything wrong in the first place. We all know the sucurity guards will lie to protect each other ( just like the philippine coast guards did when innocently shooting the taiwanese fishermen ). But im sure there will be security cameras catching every thing that happened & i would like to see all of what exactly happened. But i dont have faith in the honesty or fairness of anything philippines. Just look at your drivers every single day everwhere you go breaking the law yet no one says a word or punnishes them, yet 2 foreigners do a little skateboarding & one ends up in hospital. At the least he should get compensation for his injuries, but im sure he wouldnt get fair justice in your courts here. Im going through the courts for something right now & i had a big arguement on my lawyer saying these people say i have money & or an income. I say i dont, she says i have to prove i dont have either & i say no they have to prove i do have either. I said to her i presume you have a rolls royce, prove you dont. You cant as how do you prove you down own something. Should i get a letter from every company in europe stating that i dont work there or receive an income from them. No its on them to show who is supposedly giveing me this income. But this is the philippines & nothing works normal here. She said if the judge doesnt like you he can rule against you. That to me says it all. I said he then should be a judge as they know they have to go on evidence not likeability of someone.

      • these foreigners are still lucky…..they punched the guards, insulted the lady guards….what do the guards supposed to do?,,,smile?…good for them …they thought Filipinos are the lowest mammal in this planet…..then get out of our country!!!!