Broad alliance to hold People’s Congress today


A broad alliance from the academe, business, lawmakers, to over 200 representatives of various sectors of society and people’s organization in the provinces will converge today for a People’s Congress that will consolidate all initiatives in seeking to correct systematic flaws in the government that breed corruption.
Former chief justice Reynato Puno will talk on the People’s Initiative at the gathering to be held at the Asian Institute of Management Conference Center today starting at 1:00 pm, said Manny Lopez, one of the lead convenors of the group called ePirma.

At the weekly Balitaan sa Hotel Rembrandt forum on Friday, Lopez said the main topic for the People’s Congress will center to the entire system of public funds “to find legal solutions in each possible leakages of (handling) public funds.”

The People’s Congress he added is open to all concerned and independent minded citizen as well as the so-called silent majority who wished to join their cause.

“The church which has been the moral anchor of our society is also invited and we also extended the invitation to the INC (Iglesia ni Cristo),” Lopez said.

This, he added enable them to gather as many Filipinos to push “for laws that will address the real issues.”

“We don’t need and we are not calling for a regime change. Our problem lies on the faulty system that breeds corruption. Ayusin natin ang sistema and make it difficult for anybody to corrupt. If we succeed in institutionalizing a better system, they (corrupt government officials) will have difficulty stealing people’s money,” Lopez explained.

He further stressed that theirs is not constraining the power of the president nor Congress but use of all available conceptual frameworks including the 15 provisions already proposed by CJ Puno.

“Hopefully by tonight (Saturday night/ end of People’s Congress) we will come up with a draft that represent the will of the people,” that will be followed by a signature campaign that will be the basis for petitioning a referendum for a constitutional change.

Their fight and cause, Lopez added, also will not only end in establishing a new system for public funds handling but with “moral regeneration” that involves prosecuting those who are involved in corruption in the government but also the recovery of their ill-gotten wealth that will breed new leadership ethics.

Jing Villamente


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  1. Hi Alejo,

    EPIRMA enjoins the Filipino-American community to participate and support the peoples initiative as a peaceful alternative to effect real change and reform in the Philippines. A legislation to correct the flawed system of governance and leadership structures is winnable, despite the enormous challenges, given a broad based alliance of concerned citizens and peoples organizations. Should you wish to know more about EPIRMA, please visit

    Thanks and mabuhay !

  2. I think this is the best way to correct the system that breeds corruption. Since Congress do not like to correct, then this Initiative is the only way to correct it which is embodied in the Constitution.

    I will join. How? I am a “Natural born Filipino” but now a U.S. Citizen and live in America.

    Congress will not legislate any law that runs against their interest. Will they? The answer to their refusal is the People’s Initiative.