Broadway-based Rachel Ann Go soon bound for the West End



Singer-actress to play Eliza in ‘Hamilton’
AS Rachel Ann Go busies herself rehearsing for Miss Saigon in Broadway to reprise her role as Gigi, she already has her sights on her next musical, which will take her back to the West End.

Rachel Ann is the new Eliza, the female lead in the musical that took Broadway by storm, Hamilton. Set against the backdrop of the American Revolution, the production tells the story of one of the nation’s Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton and his family.

“Being part of Hamilton is a wish-come-true for me. I actually auditioned for two roles December 14 last year. I was ecstatic when I received the email from the company that I got the part of Eliza. Iyak po ako ng iyak because I have been praying na maging part ako ng Hamilton. The Lord is really so faithful. Hindi lang basta part sa Hamilton ang ibinigay niya sa akin—I got the role of Eliza!”

Another reason that makes Shin—Rachel Ann’s pet name—excited is that she’s working in Hamilton with another Filipina West End actress Christine Allado. She will play the role of Peggy, one of Eliza’s sisters.

Rachel Ann Go

“Nakakatuwa dahil sa West End and Broadway, there are so many Pinoy performers and I am just so proud na mapabilang sa kanila. I just want to thank the Filipinos for their never-ending support and prayers for us,” Shin said.

Rachel Ann will have a short stint in the Broadway edition of Miss Saigon, which is set to open in March. Right after her contract expires, she will fly out of New York.

“After Miss Saigon, I’m going back home for a few weeks to spend time with my family and just chill. I think I need a break after Miss Saigon because it will be all work for me until next year,” Shin enthused.

Rehearsals for Hamilton does not start until September 18 but Shin would like to be in London earlier as she wants to be well-prepared for rehearsals.

* * *

Now that the 2016 Miss Universe is over, life is back to normal for Philippine bet Maxine Medina and her family. In a chat with Showbuzz, Maxine’s mom Maria Fe Medina and sister Ferica said Maxine is just home resting. They reiterated that they are so proud of Maxine’s accomplishment and Top 6 finish in the prestigious pageant.

They have accepted the fact that bashers will always be there so they just advised Maxine to refrain from reading their comments on social media.

Maxine Medina’s mother Fe (left) and sister Ferica

“We don’t want to dwell on what is negative. Miss Universe is already over and we have to move on with our lives. For us, she performed really well and we’re very proud of her. Imagine, it was her first pageant and reaching that far is not an ordinary accomplishment. We also would like to thank the many people who expressed their support for Maxine. We really appreciate that. What’s good is that there are more positive comments than negative,” averred the mom.

With the exposure that Maxine’s sister Ferica is getting in the media, there are many who say she should also join Bb. Pilipinas or other beauty contests. But as of now, Ferica has not decided yet. Though a winner of the Miss Nursing pageant in UST, she doesn’t want to make any hasty decisions despite many offers.

“I have not said yes to any of the offers yet. I want to focus on my studies first. I believe the right time for me will come. Saka pahinga muna ang family namin, katatapos lang ni Ate. I’m not closing my doors, but as of now, I am prioritizing my studies,” Ferica explained sensibly.

Maxine’s family’s immediate plan is to go on a family vacation. They actually want to spend a couple of weeks in the US where Maxine’s two brothers are based (one in California and the other one in Oregon), but their parents’ work schedule won’t permit a lengthy getaway yet. So now, they’re deciding if they will just have a four-day vacation in a nice place out of town or a nearby country.

* * *

Although Kris Bernal admits that she really entertained the thought of exploring other options after her contract with GMA expired, it wasn’t hard for her to decide to remain a Kapuso when the network offered a renewal. In fact, she was overwhelmed when GMA told her they want her to stay and carry on as one of the studio’s prides.

Kris Bernal starts taping for ‘Impostor’ remake

“GMA is where my heart truly belongs. Even during that time, I was trying to see my options, I was half-hearted. I felt the uncertainty of my future as an actress. In my 11 years in showbiz, I was with GMA. It was like leaving the comforts of the home where you were born and raised. It was GMA who gave me all the good breaks and, along the way, honed my talent as an actress,” said Kris.

The moment Kris told GMA that she was staying, a grand new plan for her career was laid-out. First is the new soap that will challenge her acting mettle all the more—Impostora. It’s a remake of the top-rating soap with Sunshine Dizon and Iza Calzado in the lead. In the new version, Kris will assume the characters that Sunshine and Iza portrayed.

“It’s really a big challenge for me. The bar is set high for me this time. Isipin mo, I have to be at par not only with one but two great actresses. I am so thankful that I’ll be with very good actors in this project like Rafael Rosell, Elizabeth Oropesa, Assunta De Rossi, Ryan Eigenmann and Vaness Del Moral. Kita mo naman, sa line-up pa lang ng mga artista, alam mo nang umaatikabong aktingan talaga,” Kris said with a hit of pride in her voice.

Scheduled today is the first taping day of Impostora and Kris can’t wait to start. She prepared very hard for dual role, and went on workshops with the rest of the cast.

* * *

SHORTS… Congratulations to GMA for its live telecast of the 2016 Miss Universe on Monday! Based on the more trusted Nielsen ratings, Miss Universe on GMA was the most watched telecast, registering 11.6% in nationwide ratings, while the telecast of ABS-CBN managed a 5.7-percent, and TV 5 had 1.2-percent…

….Those looking for good old songs with good harmony in a Valentine show will get what they want in Happy Together, by The Minstrels and The Company on February 13 at the PICC…

* * *

GUESS WHO? Is it true that these young sweethearts have called it quits? They are still together in a show but it seems that no one is making a move to iron out their differences. If there’s one person who is thankful that the relationship has ended, it’s the young actor’s dad. “Naaawa na ko sa anak ko, lagi na lang inaaway kahit walang dahilan. Although my son does not say anything, I know nahihirapan na siya,” the dad was quoted saying by Showbuzz’s source.


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