Broncos’ focus is on in-house QB options


Patience continues to be the plan for the Denver Broncos at quarterback, head coach Gary Kubiak said Thursday morning.

“I feel good about the two guys that we have,” Kubiak said, referring to Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian. “We’ll see what happens. Generally you continue to move forward and try to get better. I’m going to stay focused on Mark and Trevor right now, and doing everything I can to get ready for this draft right now.”

Kubiak’s comments served to slow play the Broncos’ pursuit of San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kubiak said a meeting he and Broncos general manager John Elway had last week was “very impressive.”

“We were granted the opportunity to have that visit [by the 49ers], and that was good,” Kubiak said.

He declined to comment further about Kaepernick, because he remains under contract with the 49ers.

He did, however, say he and his staff have been studying the quarterbacks available in the draft later this month. With 10 draft picks, and just the two quarterbacks currently under contract, it is likely the Broncos will draft one. The question is, how high in the draft will that quarterback be selected?

“I think it’s a good group of guys. How it gets sorted out, you never know,” Kubiak said. “We’ll do our work on all of them. Hopefully when we want to come out of the draft, we’ll be a better football team at a lot of positions, not just quarterback.”



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