‘Brother’s drug use mere allegation’


This has reference to the news item of your good newspaper released on August 13, 2016, regarding the call for resignation of the City Mayor, Hon. Herbert M. Bautista and at the same time, he is demanded to submit himself to election recall.

The foregoing contradictory demands are signs of political immaturity.

Mr. Leon Peralta wanted the readers of your newspaper to comprehend that the alleged unjustified act of the City Councilor, Hon. Hero Bautista, shall penalize his brother, the City Mayor, Hon. Herbert M. Bautista. Our penal laws would not allow such unreasonable claim. The present legal precept is, “the felonious act of a person could not penalize innocent third persons, like the brother or sister.”

Moreover, there is no conclusive evidence that Hon. Hero Bautista is in the drug use except the allegation coming from the dirty mouth of Mr. Leon Peralta. He must be reminded that a mere allegation is not evidence.

On Mr. Leon Peralta’s demand for the City Mayor, Hon. Herbert M. Bautista to submit himself to a recall election is made by a person hungry for political power. He must be reminded that the system of recall election could not be availed of within one (1) year from the date of the official’s assumption to office by any elective officials. Undeniably, said City Mayor just assumed office on July 1, 2016.

On May 9, 2016 elections, Hon. Herbert M. Bautista was voted as City Mayor of Quezon City by the overwhelming 729,917 votes and Mr. Leon Peralta was deemed not voted as a City Mayor for reason that he got only 35,087 votes. Thus, the incumbent City Mayor was re-elected by the voters of Quezon City mainly because of his trustworthiness, competency, experience and integrity.

Our unsolicited advice to Mr. Leon Peralta is to shut up until the opportune time to talk about resignation and the system of recall election.

Maraming Salamat.

Yours truly:

Quezon City
Office of the City attorney
(legal Department)

(The story in question appeared on the news page of this paper a day after Mayor Herbert Bautista himself admitted to city officials that his brother Hero failed a drug test. The councilor himself has also admitted to being a drug user and later went on an indefinite leave for rehabilitation. – Ed.)


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  1. Calling all the vigilante groups. DO NOT victimize the the POOR victims of the drug LORDS. Instead, get rid of the announced drug lords from the PNP generals and officers and mayor as well as house of representatives and senator politicians and justices who are accused with evidences and just keep on denying. Hang them in front of a public place. It looks like the Duterte government gives due process only to the RICH and FAMOUS who can afford to buy the justices.