‘Bruised’ Binay quits Cabinet

 Jejomar Binay

Jejomar Binay

VP can now start hitting back, says daughter

THEY made him a punching bag. He’s bruised, he’s tired that’s why he quit.

Makati City Rep. Mar-len Abigail Binay on Monday made the statement as she explained why her father, Vice President Jejomar Binay, resigned from President Aquino’s Cabinet.

“Alam niyo ho yung parang boxing na lagi ka na lang sinusuntok pero di ka makasuntok pabalik? ‘Yun ho ang sinasabi kong pagod. Ginawa po siyang punching bag [It’s like a boxing match where your opponent keeps on jabbing and punching and you couldn’t retaliate. That’s what I meant when I said that he’s tired. They made him a political punching bag],” the younger Binay told radio station dzMM.

It was Abigail, the second eldest child of the Vice President, who hand-delivered her father’s resignation letter to the office of Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. She was accompanied by the Vice President’s chief of staff, Benjamin Martinez Jr.

Binay headed the housing cluster as chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council in the Aquino Cabinet as well as serving as the presidential adviser on overseas Filipino workers affairs.

Malacañang confirmed Binay’s resignation.

In a statement, Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said Ochoa immediately gave Binay’s letter to the President.

Aquino then called Binay to confirm his resignation.

“Secretary Ochoa will formalize acceptance of the Vice President’s
resignation,” Coloma told reporters.

In a statement, Binay’s spokesman, Joey Salgado, said the resignation was “irrevocable.”

He added that Ochoa received the letter around 3:55 p.m., Monday.
Rep. Binay said the Vice President can now freely speak against the Aquino administration now that he’s been “liberated.”

“Ngayon, makakapagbigay sya ng polisiya niya. He can now freely criticize the government kung saan nagkukulang ([e can now say what his policy is. He can now freely criticize the government]” she said.

The younger Binay added that the Vice President is firm on his decision to resign.

“This is voluntary. No one can make him change his mind,” she said.
According to the lawmaker, her father holds no rancor against the President.

“Sa tingin ko, personally, hindi kay President PNoy, kundi po sa grabeng paninira sa amin. Doon ho sya naaapektuhan. Hindi ho dahil may galit kay PNoy o may personal na issue kay PNoy [Personally, I think it’s not with President Aquino but those who made stories against us, it badly affected him. It’s not because he’s angry at the President or he has a personal issue against Pnoy],” she said.

When asked whether her father continues to hold a grudge against his 2010 elections rival and possible opponent in next year’s elections, Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd, Abigail replied in jest, “Sino ‘yon [Who’s he]?”


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  1. Roldan Guerrero on

    Now is the time VP Binay must unmask the PIGNOY and his partners in crime. He should now ignite the bombshell he is keeping and bring out all the dirty secrets of Pignoy, his KKK and the LP.

  2. It really hard to be at the front line of any race. Kasi lagi ka binabato Kung anu and. Just like Duterte yun paakyat na yun rating binabato na rin. Ganuon din si Grace Po. We all know majority of the elected official somewhat benefitted from their position. Kasi Kung wala Di ka tatagal sa pwesto mo. Bakit? Kasi sa araw araw kang pumunta sa anumang lugar lagi marami humihingi ng tulong. So if you don’t help then expect next time better not run for any position. Because you might end up a loser. That the sad part. So tell me whom among them are saint even trillanes , pimentel and cayetano . For me questionable pa rin.
    The question is can we change the system here. Yes, but first we should eradicate poverty. push for better and higher education for all the masa Pilipino and create 100% jobs for everyone. Only thru this way we can change the system.
    Can I blame Binay no. Because blaming him is blaming all of them.

  3. Ginamit lang ni Binay yong powesto niya sa panga-ngampanyia para sa presidente
    sa lima kalahating taon. Hindi niya masagot ang mga paratang sa kanya. Kaya mga
    Pinoy gumising kayo. Huag mag boto sa pekeng tao.

  4. Daniel B. Laurente on

    Maraming galit kay Binay, siguro sobrang inggit. Bakit kaya…Kung nagpapayaman yan lahat naman sila… Siguro may lamang si BInay sa kanila.

  5. Vic PenetranteVic on

    How can Binay be bruised? He sat at his corner inside the ring, waiting for an opponent who is to come five years later in October. The knock-out fight will be next year year.

  6. Edward larubis on

    He works diligently to the assigned tasks makita naman. He never attack a person unprofessionally during the time when he was working with aquino. Magaling at mapagkumbaba. He can not be perfect but he is a real tough guy. I know how he works, maaasahan talaga. He rarely speaks but he works hard.

  7. Why resign only now? Because you have already milked out your cabinet position in prematurely campaigning all around the country?

    An honest and credible person in your position would have resigned long ago. Punch back? you were invited in the senate ring each and every time to punch back all you can but you are not gonna climb the ring because you are afraid, afraid that you will be exposed for all the dirty secrets that you keep.

    Man up Mr. Binay, speak for yourself and not let your mouthpieces speak for you. Man up, you should have personally delivered your resignation to the president if you are man enough and not hide behind your daughter. But it just shows you are not man enough to stand on your own strength. It shows lack of character. Who would like to have a President like this?

  8. Bert O. Romero on

    But VP Binay, as late as last week , was still seeking the President’s anointment as the administration’s presidential bet. Congresswoman Abigail, not all Filipinos are stupid like your acolytes in Makati whom the Binays can fool all the time ! Are you saying that after being with this administration for five and one half years, keeping silent in the face of Luneta and Mamasapano massacres, growing unemployment, poverty and national welfare and social services, rabble- rousing statements of the president and his spineless foreign secretary on the South China Sea issue, it’s only now that VP Binay has awakened from a long slumber? Isn’t this ” awakening” merely a simple case of opportunism in light of the negative approval and trust ratings of the president? A rat inevitably deserts a sinking ship before he himself is drowned by the swirling tide around him.

  9. VP Binay is unbeatable until the 2016 Presidential Election,the more candidates the more merrier,the easier for binay to beat his oopnents.Now he is free to denounce the tremendous and overwhelming corruptions in Aquinos government,particularly the DAP of the President,the malampaya funds and other government resources that they will use for political campaigns of the Liberal party(babaha ng pera ) sa election ang pera ng bayan nanakawin gagamitin lahat-lahat para manalo ang mga kurap na mga kandidato nila) Masahol pa kaysa sa adiministrayon ni Gloria, pero si Gloria may utak,magaling,masipag na President na kinasuhan ng tambak na kaso hanggang ngayon puro gawa-gawa lang na parang scienreng ito.e fiction that was manuevered by conniving supporters and government officials na sipsip kay Pnoy para wasakin si Gloria.Our advise to VP Binay attack and attack si Pnoy and his galamays,pumunta ka sa mga barrio at sabihin mong ito ang worse administration,unahin mo ang garapal na kawatan,nakawan,krimen,kahirapan,sabwatan,manipulasyon,smuggling,droga at ang walang magawa ang AFP at gobyerno sa pagsakop at pagangkin ng china sa ating mga. karagatan o teritoryo.SI grace po let him run for President para matikman niya ang lumalagapak na pagkatalo, do not be fooled by Poe-Escudero tandem kawawa ang bayan lolokoin na naman tayo ng mga buite

  10. I Remember... on

    It seems that the fight will get ugly now… we can expect that Binay will start hitting hard on the corrupted Yellows.

  11. Mr.13%VP Binay quit cabinet,the heat is on wala na siyang mananakaw kaya siya ay nagresign.The end is near for the King of magnanakaw,Bagong Diwa awaits you Mr.13% walang bakante sa PNP Holiday Inn.

  12. He’s bruised and wounded, he can’t take the heat. It’s not his ego but it’s the truth. No one can hide from the truth.

  13. johnny lopez on

    wala na cgurong mk pag perahan…your father had been thru out the country at the expense of the taxpayers…pero ano ang ginagawa nya? nangangampanya…nangatuwiran na wala siyang ng kasalanan..e kung sa senado o sa ombudsman sya napaliwanag menos gastos…innovator talaga….
    hindi pa nag personal na nagresign…pinadala lang..,yan ba ang taong binigyan halaga ng pangulo?

  14. rene catalasan on

    I suggest the Binays should keep their mouth shout. The more they talk, the more deeper
    they sink.

  15. Hindi na kailangan ni binay ang puestong hawak niya,dahil ilang araw na lang magpafile na siya ng kandidatura,at hindi na niya ito magagamit sa pangungumpanya!
    Oras na daw ng paghihiganti at pagtutuos!

  16. Wow! What arrogance and haughtiness? Semblance of the Dasma-gate incident of Junjun and Nancy. These people must really think they are already royalty and don’t know who is Roxas! Or are they really just ignoramuses gone crazy with their stolen wealth? Good thing Sereno and Morales are about to make their moves to put them behind bars one by one.

  17. pete Gabriel on

    It just show’s the true character of this guy, he is not a straight shooter, he has to send his lackeys to do job that he himself has to do. Is this the kind of President we want to run the country?

  18. Muriel Magtanggol on

    Naku naman, eh nagresign lang naman sa Cabinet? Ang bruised, nag reresign sa kanyang government post. Yung tinatablan ng hiya…ganon, at hindi na tumatakbo sa mas mataas na position. Yun ang bruised. May galang sa position na nayurakan ang pangalan. At may galang sa sariling reputation. In fact, dapat siyang mag resign even as VP to give the investigating bodies a chance for unbiased probe on all allegations against him. Hindi uubra yang drama na yan! Pang rating lang yan! Drama drama.

  19. Madam Abigail Binay , with due respect to your opinion , it was the personal choice of your father to act like a “PUNCHING BAG” !!!

    In fact , your father was given more than enough chances to “PUNCH BACK” but did not take that opportunity … WHY ???

    Was it because he was just waiting for the “ROUNDS” to end and , later on , enjoy spending the money kept by his “FIXERS” (dummies) ???

  20. Nancy Bulok Cake on

    Mar-Lon Abigay Binay, you are totally wrong that your father is tired. For more than five years since your corrupt father was elected VP, your father used government money to go around the country campaigning for the presidency. Do you remember what your father did during the Yolanda typhoon? Your family noted/marked on the donation boxes (to be given to the Yolanda victims) “Binay” or “Binay for President”. Ang kapal naman ng pag-mumukha ninyo. The best thing for your family to do at this time must return all the money you stole from the Filipino people. We all know that you cannot explain your family’s amassed wealth. Your family’s government salary cannot equate your present family’s unexplained billions of pesos you stole from us. May the wrath of God hit you like a lightning of your LIES.