Brunei arrests Indonesian with IS flag


JAKARTA: Brunei has arrested an Indonesian man en route to Saudi Arabia after authorities found bullets and what appeared to be an Islamic State (IS) group flag in his luggage, Indonesian officials said Thursday.

Rustawi Tomo Kabul, 63, was detained on Saturday in transit at Brunei airport after arriving from Indonesia, and claimed to be going on pilgrimage with a group from his home country, the foreign ministry in Jakarta said.

“The man was detained because of suspicious things found in his luggage, such as bullets and what looked similar to an ISIS flag,” said foreign ministry spokesman Arrmanatha Nasir, using an alternative name for IS.

Indonesian newspaper Kompas reported that he was also carrying explosives.

Police were cited in the paper as saying that it was not clear how Kabul, from East Java, managed to pass undetected through airport security in Indonesia.

Kabul was initially detained with two others, who were subsequently released and allowed to continue their journey, foreign ministry official Lalu Muhamad Iqbal said.

The Indonesian is due to appear in court on May 11, he added.



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