• Brush your teeth to weight loss


    “White Glo Craveaway Toothpaste.”


    The toothpaste contains active herbal ingredients that aid in suppressing appetite: nux vomica, garceniaquasita and focus vesicolusus

    It reads like something straight out of a home TV shopping network.

    In fact, its unusual concept—and promise—even borders on the outrageous when revealed: A toothpaste that with regular use not just whitens and strengthens teeth, but also reduces food cravings, eventually leading to weight loss.

    But Indian businessman TK Rameash, chief operating officer and director of Brady Pharma Inc.—a Manila-based distributor of Australian, Indian, American and French pharmaceuticals, cosmeceuticals, and medical devices—guarantees Craveaway is not a hoax.

    How so?

    “First of all, we are not a fly-by-night company, and we have long established a sound relationship with the medical community in the Philippines through a wide portfolio of products,” he politely replied.
    “And Craveaway, which is now part of that portfolio is duly approved by the FDA.”

    sunshine cruz swears she has controlled the urge to snack with regular brushing

    sunshine cruz swears she has controlled the urge to snack with regular brushing

    Launched only this July in the country, Craveaway is part of the range of products of Australian household brand White Glo. Besides this variant, whose homeopathic ingredients act as an appetite suppressant, White Glo also has specific products to whiten teeth from coffee, tea and nicotine stains.

    “The entire White Glo range is endorsed by dentists in Australia, and is considered an everyday toothpaste brand as you do say Closeup or Colgate here in the Philippines,” Rameash continued. “Primarily a whitening range of toothpastes, White Glo was developed for models and actress who always need to have a dazzling smile, until its makers decided to cater to consumers in general.”

    The active ingredient of the White Glo brand is titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate, present in all the variants. Each variant has an extra active ingredient like carnuba wax, which shield teeth from coffee and tea stains. For Crave Away, there are three additional active herbal ingredients that aid in suppressing appetite: nux vomica (plant seed), garceniaquasita (plant seed), and focus vesicolusus (seaweed).

    “These homeopathic ingredients when absorbed in the oral mucosa, and thereafter the blood stream, will send a signal to the brain that you are full,” Rameash explained.  “This effect is immediate, and over time—approximate two months of regular use [two to three times a day]—you should start losing weight.”

    The businessman, whose decades of exposure to pharmaceutical products is well versed in medical science, knows of Craveaway’s efficacy not only from reading its product research and testing, but also through personal experience.

    “I had many health issues two years ago because I was severely overweigh. I had to undergo gastric banding surgery, and I used Craveaway to help control my eating.  And month after month since then, I’ve still been losing weight,” the trim executive attested, while showing “before and after” pictures of himself to The Manila Times on his smartphone.

    He was happier to reveal that many Filipino consumers have also shared testimonials in using the product as an appetite suppressant and weight loss aid since Brady Pharma had a successful initial test marketing as early as 2009.

    “The product has been quietly available in Watsons for the past five years, and because of consumer response, we decided to officially launch and actively market it, with Watsons also securing exclusivity with Brady pharma in carrying Craveaway.”

    Joining the popular marketing trend of commissioning a brand ambassador for their product, Brady Pharma tapped actress Sunshine Cruz for the responsibility. Cruz told The Manila Times that she can also testify to the product’s efficacy being a constant snacker.

    “I love chips!” she exclaimed. “And I can finish a whole bag in one sitting, which makes me bloated and adds on the pounds over time.

    But brushing with this toothpaste has helped me a lot in sticking to just three meals a day.”

    As White Glo Craveaway continues to attract hopefuls and skeptics alike, Rameash and his team will take the next step in strengthening the brand’s reputation by approaching dental associations as well as endocrinologists so that more and more Filipinos can benefit from the product’s promise.


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