• BS Aquino betrayed the policemen


    PRESIDENT BS Aquino The Last, I mean, The Third, and his drumbeaters see nothing wrong in ignoring the giving of honors to our fallen heroes when their bodies arrived at Villamor Air Base. Usec Abigail Valte said there was no snob because BS Aquino wasn’t scheduled to be there. Doesn’t that make it even worse? This means that giving honors to them wasn’t even in the radar of Malacanang. The Palace should have apologized for giving higher priority to a business event, but then, apology is never in its mindset.

    More than three years back, US President Barack Obama cancelled a scheduled official appointment to give arrival honors to 22 Navy Seals and eight other American soldiers killed in Afghanistan when an insurgent shot down their helicopter. Obama boarded each of the two planes that brought the bodies home and met with the families and fellow soldiers of the dead for about 70 minutes. Ah, but it’s too much to expect BS Aquino to do an Obama.

    Sure, he did proclaim Jan 30 as a National Day of Mourning. This is a belated gesture, meaningless even when viewed against his actions. He was in Zamboanga City during what the Administration called “misencounter” with the MILF but left the city without waiting for the arrival of the bodies of the victims. I’m writing this on Thursday but I won’t be surprised if on Friday, the biggest wreaths will come from BS Aquino. If I were a relative of the victims (two of them were Danaos and fellow Ilocanos, PO2 Franklin and Albert, but I don’t know if we are related), I’d throw away the wreath from Malacanang for his betrayal of the men he was supposed to command.

    To this day, the President still blames the police command for its failure to coordinate with the MILF on the move to arrest two wanted terrorists. He’s deathly afraid of arousing the ire of the MILF so he’s not even asking the rebels to apologize and turn over the wanted terrorists to authorities. He should have used the national indignation over the incident to suspend the peace talks until full restitution is given to our fallen heroes. Why should he be more concerned with the MILF than with the policemen? Is he also the commander-in-chief of the MILF? To prove that he’s not betraying the SAF men who sacrificed their lives in the line of duty, he should strive to give justice to them. The problem is, he’s so bent on having a peace treaty with the MILF as his legacy to the country.

    In 1938, British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain signed a peace treaty with Hitler, and claimed that it would bring about “the peace of our time.” We now know that war between Germany and Great Britain later ensued despite the treaty. Once the peace agreement with the MILF is finalized, how sure are we that peace will finally descend on Mindanao? Will peace be achieved at the expense of Philippine sovereignty? BS Aquino had made noises about fighting “to the last Filipino” to defend Philippine territory from Chinese aggression and yet, he’s most willing to give up a large chunk of territory and political and economic powers over the Bangsamoro.

    Words, words, words

    He said that “Truth shall set us free” while reluctantly giving a few details about the incident. He demonstrated cluelessness on why DILG Secretary Mar Roxas was left out on the SAF operation to arrest two international terrorists hiding inside MILF “territory.” Sure, there are many other things that BS Aquino is clueless about but this takes the cake, coming as it does with his admission that he’s being briefed regularly on the operation. On second thought, this isn’t the first time that he had gone over the head of a Cabinet member in favor of a subordinate.

    I remember that when the late Jesse Robredo was still DILG chief, BS Aquino ignored him and gave his shooting buddy, then DILG Usec Rico Puno, jurisdiction over the police. He’s obviously doing the same thing to Roxas. Had Roxas been given prior info and had the operation succeeded, he would have had a share in its success, he would have gained some mileage in his quest for the presidency. But no, BS Aquino preferred to have all glory for himself and kept Roxas out of the loop. If Roxas has any self-respect left, he should immediately resign from his post and not endure this slap in his face. Who knows, his resignation might even make him a more viable candidate in 2016.



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    1. “PRESIDENT BS Aquino The Last,” just leave it that way, and delete the “I mean, The Third,” sir Efren Danao. LOL

    2. iamwell bungari on

      Lessons not learned: Robredo ignored; Puno trusted: Result, the murder of HK tourists at Luneta in front of the Quiirino stadium. MarRoxas ignored; Purisima trusted: SAF44 massacred at Mamasapano at Maguindanao. Who and what is next?

    3. Jaime San Juan on

      Why peace with MILF or with other rebels and enemies of the Philippines? Why don’t we fight all of these terrorist until we get rid of them?

      Why do we rely on foreign nations like Malaysia for peace?

      The Philippines must dictate peace in every inch of Philippine Territory.

      Why do we expect other nations respect us a sovereign nation; when we don’t respect our sovereignty, our president and leaders in the Senate and Congress are quick to give away Philippine lands and authority to rebels and terrorists?

      Rebels and terrorists who want to destroy our democratic peaceful way of life and lawful institutions must be defeated and tried, together with their supporters (Executive and Legislative branches who are advocates of so-called ‘peace’) all must be declared by the Judicial Branch as tyrants and guilty of culpable treachery and treason.

      • iamwell bungari on

        Unfortunate and disgusting: we know who they are, and yet our government feels they are sincere. SunTzu, pls teach our government the Art of War.

    4. U R right sir it is about time Mar Roxas shld breakaway fr the team of Pnoy. Kong maiisip ni Mar itong ginawa ni Pnoy sa kaniya na hindi ipaalam ang plano na hulihin iyong Marwan 4 sure hindi rin siya ang anointed one na itataas ang kamay 4 president .I hope Korina Sanchez can influence her husband .

      • And you believe the excuses scenario of this President that Mar Roxas did not know anything about the mission to get Marwan, For heaven sake, for every ones info Roxas is one of the closest KKK member and this President will do anything (cover up) not to include Roxas in this failed mission , for one reason, Roxas is supposed to be the next President and he should have a clean slate for Filipino voters in 2016.

    5. bontong hininga on

      Roxas knew the deal, he was also in Zamboanga with penoy to meet the terrorist as shown on the tv clips when penoy visited the bomb site in Zamboanga. They just want to make it appear that Roxas was innocent and not damage more of his ambition to be president. .

    6. When the lives of people who call you commander in chef are at stake ,everything mustbe done to protect them. When there are other priorities like self aggrandizement then one csnnot be cslled a leader as he does not act as one .. And if does not dk his part ,then he xhould step down.

    7. ronnie badilles on

      sec mar roxas, pls act like a man this time. there is still time to redeem yourself. be yourself.

    8. this is not Pnoy fault. you people are despicable. how is this his fault? its the fault of the planners which were the SAF director down to his chain of command. poor strategy and tactics no air support. PNP has no transport choppers like Hueys to provide transport and air strike. even you critics are incompetent. so you blame everything that a government director or managers errors and negligence to the president? that’s plain stupid.

      • FYI, your president gave the orders to the SAF therefore he is also responsible for the deaths of the 44 SAF troopers.

    9. Whoever planned and approved the operation is criminally neglectful. The results have proven already that. Everyone involved in planning and approving this plan must be brought to justice as well as the killers. We all know that Roxas will do what he is told to do.

    10. ..i too agree,making his own statements will surely have my vote, as of now vp binay is the only choice among pretenders, this is his chance to redeem himself and show that he got the guts…anyway he must feel the heat of being left in the dark…

    11. Jose A. Oliveros on

      PeNoy indeed betrayed the dead PNP-SAF commandos by preferring to attend a Mitsubishi affair rather than welcome their flag-draped coffins. The excuse that the Mitsubishi affair was previously scheduled is a big bullshit. He could have sent his DTI Secretary, his Cabinet Secretary, his Transportation Secretary or anyone of Cabinet level to proxy for him in the Mitsubishi affair.

      • For its part, Mitsubishi Motors should also issue a public apology for having demanded the presence of simyon in their affair. They could have suggested to simyon that he is free to attend to the arrival honors for our fallen soldiers and they can understand his absence. For that selfish act, the people should boycott all Mitsubishi products out of respect for our fallen SAF. Are we to think that he can not miss that business milestone because the wife of the congenital liar has substantial shares hidden under trusts with that car company similar to the grandiose outpouring of sympathy of another japanese company during her wake?

    12. Mr. Danao. you have a valid point for Mr. Roxas . He should stop being treated like an errand boy of Penoy — only to be entrusted with “low level” assignments. He should get out immediately from this amateurish government. Imagine a Department Head being overpassed by his subordinate as explicitly shown in the SAF debacle.

      I could only sympathize with DILG Secretary being left out of the loop. If he resigns, his political machinery will be crucially constrained by the absence of Penoy,s political war chest, but could earn our respect, and who knows, it might enhance his political career instead.

      • Wala sa dugo ng mama’s boy ang ganyag pag iisip. Sa hangad na maging pangulo, kakainin nito ang sariling tae at hihimod sa puwit ni simyon kahit alam nya wala sya kakayahan. For all we know, baka hindi rin nya gusto maging pangulo at ang nanay nya lang ang nagtutulak sa kanya.

    13. Anima A. Agrava on

      Good column, Mr. Danao. But you–like me and many Filipinos–should suspect that Roxas actually knew but he and this evil, liar, hypocrite Smartmatic-PCOS-made president and Sec. Abad agreed that Roxas should be made innocent of this crime against our Republic so that he can have a better chance in the 2016 election.

      • you are absolutely right.
        people shouldn’t trust Roxas even as far as we can throw him. he will never be a viable candidate. NEVER! anyone that could muster the kapal mukha to say the words, “Romualdez ka, Aquino ang presidente”, should never have a single vote in any ballot… not even as a barangay tanod.

    14. Good point Mr. EL Danao, resignation of M Roxas from Aquino’s Cabinet now might make him a viable candidate in 2016.

    15. He can not blame Gloria this time. Gloria was his favorite punching bag. He can neither bribe the Filipinos for the the debacle. Bribes are his way of buying loyalties and getting rid of his enemies. Fidel Ramos was right in telling him to stop the blame game. I am sure his knees are shaking now for possible expulsion from office. I am sure Congress will not impeach him. They are on his payroll. Roxas will not resign either. He is dreaming of becoming a president. Without Aquino’s support, he will not have money to fund his campaign. Let us see what develops further.

    16. Thank you Efren – you said it all.
      We have a machine installed President.who is after
      the Nobel Prize at any PRICE – 44 DEAD BODIES OF


      This PCOS President does not know protocol in any way.
      He is not Obama – Obama is full of hair and not CALBO.

      The arrival of the bodies – he is not scheduled to be there.
      You can break Protocol for the fallen heroes.
      Even Pope Francis brook protocol for the poorest of the poor.

      What did he do in Zamboanga? To receive the Terrorist
      and do a “selfie” with the Terrorist and Purisima for the world
      to see and received the $6,0000,000.00 rewards.

      In the end HE RECEIVED – SHIT.

    17. mikhail hieronymus on

      If Mar Roxas does not resign from this administration, I do not know what kind of a person he is. He has been insulted by Aquino many times already, and yet he still sticks with PNoy. Maybe he is not the right person to be president after all. Another imbecile, just like Aquino.

    18. Your use of “self-respect” caught my particular attention. It seems that with all the big ‘missteps’. intentional or otherwise, by Pres. B. S. Aquino, The Last or The Third, not one cabinet member has voluntary resigned to show his or her disappointment. Much less, is there any such word as “delicadeza”, prompting me to think that, perhaps, the PDAF/DAP ‘syndrome’ is really effective that it is ‘veiled’ to appear different in the 2015 budget.

    19. surely, roxas’ resignation will make him again presidentiable! leave penoy now! and leave also that talking bi#@h koring…then he will get my family’s votes!