BS Aquino just being himself


THOSE who continually bash President BS Aquino The Last, I mean The Third, should acknowledge one fact about him – he’s being true to himself. What you see is what you get. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that what you hear from him is the truth and nothing but.

Take his recent presence at the scandalously ostentatious wedding of two entertainment personalities last month. He’s been assailed for his lack of sensitivity in attending the wedding festivities while thousands are languishing from the calamity caused by Typhoon Senyang. These critics could have easily predicted this insensitivity based on his previous actuations.

He kept his word in October 2013 to make a state visit to South Korea whose president was his close friend. Keeping a commitment, especially to a friend, is an admirable trait. However, there’s nothing admirable when he made the state visit while thousands of Boholanons and Cebuanos were suffering from a devastating earthquake. He did visit Cebu and Bohol after the quake but only for a few hours while he stayed in South Korea for two days. He ordered the release of P6 million for the quake victims while he spent P12 million for his visit to South Korea.

Definitely, BS Aquino The Last, I mean The Third, couldn’t be compared to US President Barack Obama who cancelled a scheduled visit to Southeast Asia because the budget’s passage by Congress was hanging and there was an imminent danger of a government shutdown. One of our notable columnists, Yen Makabenta, was more precise in likening BS Aquino to Nero when he joined the ostentatious display of wealth while a big number were wallowing in misery from a natural calamity.

President BS Aquino was also being true to himself in granting a one-on-one interview to a television comedian. In so doing, he thumbed his nose at Malacañang reporters who were never given this privilege. This interview, aired last January 2, did nothing to clarify existing policies or to announce new ones. Rather, it was meant to entertain – and BS Aquino leans more to entertainment than to dwell on policies. That’s expected of him. This son of hacienderos doesn’t enjoy working, especially when he has to use his brain. Clearly, he doesn’t have to strain his brain in being interviewed by a comedian, unlike interviews by seasoned reporters who usually ask hard-nosed questions on policies, governance and burning controversial issues.

What do all these things add to? Well, it shows that that the President is being true not only to himself but also to his name (BS). Should we be proud to be the only country in the whole world whose president is a true BS?

Fare hike probe
Transportation Secretary Joseph E.A. Abaya, a former congressman, ignored an inquiry by his former colleagues in the House into the scandalous increase in the fare charged by Metro Rail Transit 3 and Light Rail Transits 1 and 2. Abaya didn’t hold any public hearings before the midnight implementation of the fare hike although this is required by law. Evidently, neither does he want the House to poke its nose into the issue.

No doubt, Abaya was influenced by BS Aquino’s lack of empathy with the suffering of the masses that he sardonically calls his “bosses.” Why should the President care about the anguish of the masses when opinion polls say he’s very popular and has high acceptance and performance ratings? Incidentally, Malacañang says the majority approve of the fare hikes because there have been no protests and thousands still patronize the MRT and LRT 1 and 2. Well, why don’t the polling firms ask commuters how acceptable the fare hikes are to them? Any failure by the firms to do so could only mean that they want to keep their hands off issues that will surely burn the Malacañang tenant.

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  1. BS can be described as psychopath, the know-it-all man, he does not need people to agree with him since he will do what he wants; he does listen to any one. On the other hand Binay is on the end of a behavioral spectrum as a sychopath who needs the approval of others particularly those poor whom he needs their votes, a “sipsip buto”. These characteristics a both inborn and nurtured by family or envirnmental upbringing.

    Both are behaving as themselves. Both know what they up to or doing.

  2. BS Aquino’s attributes are his dead father and dead mother!? Wow.! His father was
    instrumental in the creation of the NPA and his mother’s first act when she became
    prsident was to release the head of the communist party of the Philippines. With opinions like that, no wonder the Philippines is in such a mess.

  3. The BS that comes from Aquino is not easily heard or agreed with for any lenght of time. He has personality and moral defects. You do not have to look any further than his lack of a wife or girlfrined. No one can stand his BS. Sure some go out with him for the free publicity, but break it off as soon as they realize he is abnormal. His only good attributes are his dead mother and father.