BS Aquino The Joker


PRESIDENT BS Aquino The Last started a joke that made the whole country crying. Sure, sure, I confess this isn’t original but this line from a BeeGees song graphically describes the results of BSA’s attempts at levity.

Malacañang says President BS Aquino The Last was just joking when he said in 2013 that he and Transportation Secretary Joseph Emilio Abaya would jump under a train if the LRT extension to Bacoor, Cavite is not finished by the end of 2015. So, why isn’t he drawing laughter with his failure to fulfill his promise? Many believe that getting run over by a train would be his first correct move as President. Boy, did he miss the chance at making history!

Malacañang also says the President’s statements in Bacoor indicated his determination to improve the transport service. This is another joke for instead of improving, LRT/MRT services have deteriorated. Again, nobody is laughing. Perhaps, to use a line from the BeeGees again, the people will be laughing only when the President starts to cry.

But the real joke is the President’s declaration that he isn’t thick-faced. I almost rolled in the aisle laughing at this punchline. He gave a deadline for finishing the train extension to Bacoor because of his supreme self-confidence. Unfortunately, his abysmal capability isn’t equal to his sky-high self-confidence. A person who isn’t thick-faced would be tearing at his hair as a sign of penance or even make a public apology for his abject failure to fulfill a promise. In Japan, officials who value their word or promises will commit seppuku, the more appropriate term for the more popular hara-kiri.

That President BS Aquino The Joker couldn’t fulfill a promise and remain unmindful of his failure is a sure sign of a thick-faced person. Should he be excoriated for this? Well, this unmasks his pretensions at not being a traditional politician. Perhaps, he need not be apologetic about this. After all, as Sir Winston Churchill once said, a thick skin is an asset to politicians. So, do we have a pachyderm in Malacañang?

Ah, but he might be saving his “best” in being thick-skinned for his last six months. Expect him to be doubly active in awarding numerous billion-peso contracts for Public-Private Partnership infrastructure projects that he had neglected the last 66 months, and appoint cronies for vacancies in important positions. Forget everything that he had warned his predecessor against midnight contracts and appointments. To his mind, he can never do anything wrong.

From Face Book
I just read the following, BS Aquino’s previous statements posted on Face Book by one Loida Agudo Jimenez who’s now living in New York that I translated into English. It’s up to the readers to determine if these statements made during the 2010 campaign and after he became President were mere jokes or were made without deep thinking:

1. I won’t stay in Malacanang. I’m comfortable with staying in a condo or in Times Street.

2. I will stop smoking once I get elected.

3. I won’t use a presidential car. My SUV suits me fine.

4. I won’t impose new taxes. I’ll just improve collections.

5. I’ll pass the Freedom of Information law, for transparency.

6. I’ll give justice to the victims of human rights and of the Ampatuan massacre.

7. I’ll give no favors to friends and relatives.

To these statements, I’ll add his promise to distribute Hacienda Luisita to farmers once he becomes President.

Gloomy picture
The New Year should bring hope that 2015 had failed to fulfill. Business executive Rolly Narciso gave this description of the past year:

“Until now, we still find ourselves in conditions of seeming contradictions such as a high poverty incidence amidst unprecedented economic growth, lack of infrastructure even if there is ample financial capability, power shortages in a country with very high power prices, a dormant mining sector for the world’s 4th mineral-rich country, neglect of agriculture and manufacturing although this is where labor employment opportunities abound, hapless captive consumers in a free-market economy, unchecked corruption despite 5.5 years of daang matuwid, extensive authority vested in non-authoritative persons, a horrible massacre as peace is pursued in Mindanao, dumb or insensitive remarks from brilliant leaders, weak moral values notwithstanding centuries of religiosity, anarchic incidents erupting frequently within a democratic system, and so forth and so on.

“But let us not despair. Elections are just a few months away. A change of leaders could bring new hopes for, sana naman, better results this time around for a country that deserves much more than what it has been getting for the past several decades.”

To this, I can only say “Amen.”


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  1. that’s what we call” napaikot sa palad” si pnoy ng mga trusted trapos nya who, despite their involvement in corruption issues, remained untouched. what can the filipinos expect from the likes of drilon, abad, erice, and boy pick up.

  2. This is why we need to change into parliamentary system. Time is too precious to waste on an incompetent and corrupt administration. While our neighbours are planning ahead on how to improve their country, our leaders are too busy with their own agenda in enriching themselves and staying in power.

  3. Truly, this present sitting inutile president in malacanang is a joker since day one of his inconsequential Regime. And the Hongkong citizens particularly the relatives of the victims of the Luneta hostage fiasco has sense this. It can be clearly gleaned on the photo and video of the inutile president while viewing the bullet riddled tourist Bus where the carnage happened. In that photo and video, he was seen smarting an infantile dog like wide eyed smile as if relishing with gusto and enjoyment what had transpired. This is what incensed the aforesaid citizens aside from the incompetence shown by the Regime in handling the crises that they demanded an apology from the inutile president which unfortunately, never came…..

  4. Mr. Danao, in Japan as well as South Korea, government officials who failed to perform their jobs which directly affect the public either resign or commit suicide in shame. In the Philippines they just smile and continue to be elected/re-elected. This is an anomaly which the public allow by electing these thieves over and over. The joke is on us, the electorate because once again, based on recent surveys, the usual names, all thieves of public money are leading. Filipinos never learn this is why the politicians continue to abuse us.