BS Aquino thinks, acts like an emperor


At first, I thought that President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino The Last, I mean The Third, was just a spoiled brat. Now, I know better. He’s actually much worse. His diatribes against the Supreme Court decision on his pet Disbursement Acceleration Program and his defense of the indefensible showed this.

In his defense of the DAP, he wanted to impress the public that he wants projects to immediately benefit the people, that he’s a man of action. Yet, his actions belie his words. Where’s the fast action on the relief and rehabilitation of victims of the Zamboanga Siege and of super typhoon Yolanda? Where’s the fast action against smuggling that has cost the government hundreds of billions of pesos in lost revenues? Why was it taking long for Malacañang to give full details on the sources, use and recipients of the DAP? Why hasn’t he acted fast enough to upgrade the services at NAIA-1 and the LRT?

There was no mark of statesmanship in his open defiance of the High Tribunal’s 13-0 decision on the DAP. A statesman would have admitted he erred and bowed to the unanimous verdict. A statesman would have yielded to the authority of the Supreme Court to decide constitutional issues. He did none of these things.

In his hypertension-inducing “defense” of the use of the DAP, he voiced superiority over the Supreme Court on a legal matter. He had shown this bent when he was a senator but unfortunately for him, he debated with a legal eagle in Sen. Joker Arroyo and he merely exposed himself as incompetent on legal matters. Obviously, he learned nothing about that debacle on the Senate floor for he’s now taking on the entire Supreme Court.

But wait! It could be that BS Aquino The Last, I mean The Third, isn’t really banking on his limited knowledge of the law. He knows what he wants and he’s dead bent on getting on. He has such a one-track mind on the continuation of his DAP that he could unleash his allies in the House and the Senate against the judiciary.

I didn’t conjure this possibility out of thin air. His unmistakable warning of the executive and legislative departments ganging up on the judicial department was evident in his own words: “My message to the Supreme Court: We do not want two equal branches of government to go head to head, needing a third branch to step in to intervene.”

One doesn’t have to be smarter than a third grader to catch the veiled warning. The intervention of the third branch, the legislative, in a clash between the executive and the judiciary, could only result in the legislative’s siding with the executive. Don’t expect lawmakers to act like an impartial referee. With the executive having complete control of the budget, they’ll do anything that Malacañang wants them to do.

So, not content with having Congress under his thumb, BS Aquino now wants the Supreme Court to meekly follow his line of thinking even if he’s not a lawyer. It’s now evident that the republican concept of checks and balances means nothing to him. What he wants, he should get, just like the absolute monarchs of yesteryears. Those monarchs had claimed divine rights. Our president is acting as if he’s the only son of God. Siya lang ba ang anak ng Diyos?

The Unforgiving
The president wanted to show that he isn’t vindictive.

“There are those who say that this decision might be a personal vendetta against me, that I am being dared to act in the same vindictive manner against them. All I can say, as the President, as the father of this country, is that we need temperance and forbearance, we must comply with due process,” he said.

The problem is he has been stressing “due process” only for his allies but never for his political foes. What’s more, his actions have shown him to be actually vindictive and onion-skinned, one who couldn’t stand criticism. As I have said in a number of columns, I’ll believe that he’s not onion-skinned the moment he reconciles with Joker, a family friend of more than 40 years. Joker made him look like a fool in a debate over legal matters and to this day, BS Aquino has refused to talk with Joker.
The Unforgiven
In our emperor’s mind, his word is the law. He could do no wrong. Only those who disagree with him are erroneous. With his inability to accept errors or faults, how can he seek forgiveness? When he goes to confession, he must admit his sins and vow to sin no more. Without contrition, he would never get any absolution. The Unforgiving inevitably becomes The Unforgiven.


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  1. President DAP up to now does not know Supreme Court is the highest court of the land. He does not know SC as the final arbitrator being the last interpreter of complex issues that society can’t resolve. Was he absent attending Philippine History when he was in the secondary grade? How belligerent and arrogant can this man be belonging to the blue-blooded animals in Philippine society? Anak ng tupa from the Lower House and prosecutor of SC, CJ Renato Corona on the last hour has given his blessing to his monarch. How much pork was given to anak ng tupa? Was Pres. DAP diagnosed to have delusion of grandeur while in the U.S. an issue raised during the presidential election? NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW MR. DAP.

  2. Pete Espiritu on

    PNOY thinks and acts as the sole interpreter of the law…what a stupid and crazy thinking, isn’t it?


    In basketball, the best defense is offense, This is the attitude of this president
    so as to conceal the real issue about the DAP. That’s why one of these who commented in another column who said that the people should be campaigning
    in the Guiness Book of Record that this president is the greatest corruptor of all
    time instead of spending and buying an award as a Nobel Prize Laureate. What a

  4. I hope that, if Pres. Aquino were to change his mind and sincerely ask forgiveness, we will forgive. He is the president but he is also just a man. A terrible mistake has been made; I hope we can help him reverse it rather than back him into a corner.

    And the presidency is more than any man, it is an institution. In my personal opinion, this administration should not fall simply for exercising the same budgetary discretion that all previous administrations have enjoyed. But let the law take its course.

    Is it mere coincidence that this crisis is occurring just as 3 senators are facing trial? I don’t think so. Again, let the law take its course.

  5. Dionisio R. Luna on

    I agree with you that B.S. Aquino III acts like an emperor or a king, a dictator, does not want to be dictated by the Justices of the Supreme Court, he acts like God who does not commit a mistake even if he is wrong. I regretted very much for voting him into office that is why I will never support whoever he will endorse in 2016, especially Mar Roxas.

  6. I have a very strong suspicion that King PNOy, now Emperor, is attacking the Supreme Court for sinister motives. Knowing how childish the mentality of this person is, he may be doing this act on purpose so he can make the Supreme Court as a scapegoat for his failures, incompetence and low mental capability. He can claim later on that the reason he failed as President and have nothing to show as solid achievement because the Supreme Court tied his hands with the laws it wants to implement. Let us always remember that PNoy is an expert in the blame-game. He can blame everybody but himself for all his failures.

  7. Rogelio C. Lim on

    Para na siyang Diyos na hindi nagkakamali. Ang kaibahan lang niya sa Diyos ay wala siyang pagmamahal sa mga tao katulad ng mga biktima ngTyphoon Yolanda at Zamboanga Siege. Wala siyang pagmamahal sa mga walang trabaho at nagugutom dahil sa panahon ng pamamahala niya ay lalong lumala ang dami ng walang trabaho at nagugutom. Walang siyang pagmamahal sa mga taxpayers na nagbabayad upang magkaroon ng pondo ang bayan dahil sa panahon ng pamamahala niya ay lalong dumami ang pagnanakaw sa pondo ng bayan at smuggling pero masyado ang pagmamahal niya sa mga kaalyado niya na halos iniidolo niya ang mga ito na hindi sila nagnanakaw at ang mga nagnanakaw ay mga kalaban sa pulitika dahil dito mas mahal niya ang kaalyado niya kaysa sa bayan. Marami pa siya pagkakaiba sa Diyos mga kababayan. Magpuri tayo kay Noynoy sa pamamagitan ng pagsasabi ng kaibahan niya sa Diyos. Tiyak na matutuwa siya dahil kakaiba siya kaysa Diyos.

  8. I’ve read and heard a lot about this DAP, pros and cons, and I come to this conclusion: “All that is happening now is the ‘curse’ of the “Karma” (believe it or not), because of the use of DAP on CJ Corona who, perhaps, is also a son of God like what Pres. B.S. Aquino (may be The Last) seems to portray.”

  9. A Bad Boy Pnoy on

    Para maiwasan ang media at ang galit ng taumbayan, at para mabaling ang attention ng mga tao, gusto ng president na magkaroon tayo ng constitutional crisis! Diyan magaling ang Malacanang, na sa bawat kilos at galaw nila ay may intriga para matakpan ang kapalpakan nila sa governance. Walang nanggggggggyayari sainas kundi puro kalokohan. Dapat sisihin dito yung mga bumoto sa Presidenteng ito!