• BS Aquino’s isolation growing

    Efren Danao

    Efren Danao

    If President BS Aquino remains truly hugely popular despite his stand on the pork barrel, how come there’s no outrage when a Chinese government functionary called him a liar?

    The President is also chief of state so any personal insult heaped on him by a foreign government official should also be an insult on the country. Yet, nobody seemed offended that BS Aquino was labeled a liar. Was it because majority of Filipinos believed the Chinese more than our president? Did they feel that he deserved such insult? Or have they gotten used to his double talk? But if he’s that popular in spite of these things, then most Filipinos would have sided with him, right or wrong.

    This lack of outrage at the insulting of BS Aquino by a Chinese official rebuts the validity of that survey by Pulse Asia on his growing popularity. But more than negating the survey results, this absence accentuates his continuing alienation from his so-called boss. Nowhere is this isolation more evident than his pig-headed defense of the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) that is being spat out by the people.

    He listens to the people only when what he agrees with what they are saying. Otherwise, they can shout until hell freezes over and he still would not change his mind. Oh yes, another way of looking at this is that he was emboldened by the Pulse Asia survey purporting to show that 79 percent of respondents approve of his handling of the pork barrel issue.

    The best legal minds in the country (except Senate President Franklin M. Drilon) have decried the unconstitutionality of the DAP. It was sourced from wrongly called savings and was used by Malacañang in any way it wanted without authorization from Congress. Details on how DAP was used contradict claims that it helped accelerate Philippine economic growth. Lies and more lies?

    He clings to his pork like a barnacle because it’s his only source of political survival. Without it, he’s a lame duck. Of course, nobody expects him to admit this. However, he should stop citing laws in defending the DAP. He’s no lawyer. He tried to show off his limited grasp of the law at the Senate when he took on then-Sen. Joker Arroyo who was questioning the constitutionality of the bill he was sponsoring on the floor. To this day, he has never forgiven Joker, a family friend for four decades, for unmasking his ignorance of the law and making him look stupid in that debate. Joker could be forceful and very passionate in debates and he definitely proved B.S. Aquino was out of his depths on that legal matter. Now, the DAP which he refuses to part with. If anything, BS Aquino’s resolve was steeled not by his knowledge of the law but by his total belief in his own self.

    He’s no thief, he swears. Many will grant that, the same that many are saying he has not been entirely honest in his utterances. He’s no thief but many will grant that he’s giving others the opportunity for thievery. And if a thief is a friend? I sure would want to see him prosecute a friend or a party-mate. Trouble is, justice under his dispensation has been selective.

    The President can validate his claim that he’s no thief by revealing how he used his pork barrel in his years as legislator. To this day, the public is still at a loss on how he spent his pork as a congressman for nine years and senator for three years. If he has already forgotten the details, then he must order the Commission on Audit to perform a special audit on his pork and authorize Budget Secretary Butch Abad to release all pertinent papers. If he has nothing to hide, then he should give such order and authorization pronto. Any further delay might only fuel fears that some pertinent papers might get lost along the way.

    BS Aquino may claim purity of intentions and of being incorruptible but he could only show embellished and superficial accomplishments in his more than three years as president. His stint in the Senate didn’t help him any. His performance shows the myth that the Senate is s a training ground for the presidency. One can be a mediocre senator and still become president. His credibility is now all shot and his popularity is dipping. Many are eagerly waiting for the time when he will leave Malacañang. That’s a long two years seven months and 28 days of waiting.



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    1. “One can be a mediocre senator and still become president. His credibility is now all shot and his popularity is dipping. Many are eagerly waiting for the time when he will leave Malacañang. That’s a long two years seven months and 28 days of waiting”. -Masakit ang katotohanan.

    2. It’s going to be a long wait for a suffering country unless the people do something drastic already- like ousting him from Malacanang. His comeuppance might come earlier, who knows. God does not sleep. He only sits and waits (Leo Tolstoy).

      But one thing is sure, this lying and immoral president will never escape God’s justice.

    3. Saturnino R. Mendinueto, Jr. on

      Maybe if Pnoy and DBM Sec. Abad can show the Pilipino People that DAP WAS NOT USE AS BRIBE TO THE 20 SENATORS AND 188 CONGRESSMEN, who convicted and Impeach CJ Corona respectively, by showing how these Porky Piggy hungry lawmakers use the DAP in their projects to details or even their request for DAP and how they spend P100M for senators and P10M for congressmen to the centavo for their project, Pnoy will regain his popularity. In spite of this “bribe talks”, I still believe Pnoy is not a THIEF. Di Ba Ho, Kayo Din Sirs???

    4. BS Aquino has finally sealed his fate with that awful tv defense of the DAP…

      such a pathetic man for a president…to even declare he is not a THIEF…

      when I heard it, I lost all respect for the president…

    5. Primer Pagunuran on

      Pardon my irreverence.

      But will somebody please carefully read this column and spot all the possible violations of the English grammar?

      Am no grammar guru but don’t readers deserve to read only the best of the written word? We always love to read a well written piece, don’t we?

      • Primer Pagunuran,

        Correct grammar is good. But I prefer substance better. And this article has lots and lots of substance, thank you very much…

    6. Charlie Farrales on

      My own feelings, exactly. Didn’t Pedrosa say his bullheadisness is psychological?
      At the rate things are going for him, watch out for an embarrassing outburst.

    7. Being “elected” President made King PNoy’s head too big for his body to carry. He now believes that he knows everything under the sun. He now believes that he is a lawyer, an engineer, a c.p.a., a doctor, a general, etc. This mentality makes PNoy very dangerous. Specific example is his defense of the DAP. During his television appearance, he talks about the legality of the DAP as if he is an expert in the constitutionality of this kind of Pork. Before he was President, he is just an ordinary dude like you and me but now, being in his position makes him believe in the illusion that he knows everything. This is what makes PNoy a very, very dangerous President because he is running the country basing on his illusions.

    8. Hinihintay ko ang ganting-sagot ni Nynoy sa sinasabi ng mga leader ng China at Hongkong na siya nagsisinungaling. Pero hanggang ngayon ay wala pang sagot siya. Ito ay nagpapatunay na talagang nagsinungaling siya. Pansinin natin, na sa halip na sagutin niya ito ay propaganda ang ginagawa niya na ang DAP ay legal, hindi siya magnanakaw, kung walang kurap ay walang mahirap, ipapakulong niya ang mga magnanakaw. Alam na natin ang lahat ng propaganda niya ay puro kasinungalingang.

    9. Malacanang, tough on its stand, should go to the social media where the writings indicate that: ‘DAP/PDAF’ times never last; critics (bosses) do!