• BSA’s demolition of the rule of law


    THE biggest crime of President BS Aquino is his wanton destruction of the rule of law. He is a proud example to criminal elements of how to flush the statutes and the Constitution down the toilet, how to ignore the High Court, how to bribe congressmen and senators, how to make the Secretary of Justice and the Ombudsman mere political tools and doers of selective justice, how to reward incompetent law enforcement officers and thereby make sordid murders and homicides soar.

    The active works of injustice and betrayal of the rule of law are the vilest crimes of this PCOS-machine produced commander-in-chief of the armed forces, topmost director of the national police and President of the Philippine Republic. That is why we were hoping Vice-President Binay’s True State of the Nation would give some weight to this subject. We were disappointed when he did not even touch on it. Someone is sure to ask him why, considering that he and his family have been victims of the BS Aquino regime’s perversion, destruction, demolition of the rule of law.

    President Aquino has used our laws, and our law-enforcement officials, and his share of law-making powers serve his partisan goals from Day One of his presidential tenure.

    Remember his very first Executive Order? EOs are, somewhat, a president’s share in the lawmaking function that constitutionally belongs only to congressmen and senators. EOs are like laws that must be enforced. BS Aquino’s first EO was the creation of the Philippine Truth Commission with the stated purpose of digging the dirt in the Macapagal-Arroyo presidency. But the Supreme Court immediately struck down that EO precisely because the Truth Commission being created had the declared purpose of persecuting the officials of the previous administration.

    This episode in BS Aquino’s history as Philippine president reveals his anti-rule of law, unjust and vindictive mentality. The Truth Commission EO was written precisely to go after people belonging to the class of people who are former Macapagal-Arroyo officials and employees. But laws–and EOs and Administrative orders and any kind of rule– cannot be made for the purpose of gunning for one class of people. The legal principle of giving equal protection of the law to every citizen justly proscribes laws, orders and rules targetting a particular type of people. Every law must apply to everyone.

    This unlawful mindset is behind all the injustices, all the acts of vindictiveness, such as the bribery of congressmen and senators so they would file impeachment articles against then Chief Justice Renato Corona, try him and find him guilty.

    This anti-rule of law mindset is also why he cannot see that certain best friends must be removed from office because they are simply no good. That he must not bribe lawmakers to do what he wants done. That he must not usurp the power and duties of lawmakers to decide on how taxpayers’ money should be allocated (the Congress’ power of the purse) by instituting the illegal and unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program. That he must make sure that his Justice Secretary must not do selective justice but indict all corrupt officials and lawmakers who, together with Janet Lim Napoles, created and used fake associations of poor families so hundreds and hundreds of millions of pork barrel funds to go into their own pockets.

    From all indications Mr. Aquino and the Liberal Party leaders are doing all they can to make sure that their chosen men and women win in 2016. That way the next president will not press charges against Aquino et al, for their crimes.

    Their presidential candidate, BS Aquino’s annointed one, is DILG Secretary Mar Roxas. They will pressure Comelec Chairman Any Bautista and the other Comelec commissioners to use the Smartmatic PCOS machines in 2016 to guarantee Mar Roxas’ victory.

    Thus will injustice, mendacity, corruption and hypocrisy — the hallmarks of Aquino’s Dang Matuwid administration–continue to be the main characteristics of our unhappy Republic’s government.


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    1. Isa lang po ang gusto ni PNoy ,linisin and gobyerno, in doing so marami magrerklamo kasi tatamana sila. Just go on, let the axe fall where it should fall.

    2. The style of Pinoy is the same as Trillanes.. They only think of themselves and undermined the our justice system . With these kind of politician and leaders you can expect our nation to prosper. Dapat ibasura ang mga taong tulad nila..Dapat maputol na ang kayabangan nitong si TRILLANES.

    3. Teddy Sevilla on

      ALL PRESIDENTS from Quezon to Pinoy have used the powers at their disposal to fit their agenda especially rule-bending. The tone of your editorial suggests Pinoy was exceptional in this regard. He is not. Unwittingly you credit him with more intellect than he has at his disposal.

      Pinoy’s presidency had its highlights; it also had its shadows. The finance sector was a bright spot; our generals on this front, Tetangco and Purisima, deserve the international and domestic acclaim. The real generals in the military and police have done badly, starting with Luneta and, hopefully, ending in Mamasapano. The PPP will probably be a disappointment; after 5 years, it only has a 4-km road to brag about. Justice? So-so – it bagged us Napoles and three corrupt senators, but selectively ignored numerous others.

      Pinoy was a mediocre, bumbling, narrow-minded president. Not some evil schemer out to destroy the institutions of this country. He just does not have a sense of history.

      Just one note on the Corona case: Filipinos rejoiced when he was kicked out. You may disagree with the methodology but the overall sense at the result was relief that a bad person was taken out. In politics, the right things are done for the wrong reasons.

    4. sir dahil po yan sa limpak limpak na salapi na nakabusal sa mga bibig nila ksabuhan nga po aanhin mo ang dangal kung gutom ka e dito sa gnawa ni pinoiy and cohorts busug na busog sila watch ang mga afpo and pnp bsog na busog sir.

    5. This is the first time I have read an editorial piece so partisan, baseless and repugnant to the true spirit of fair and responsible journalism. May be you are under the pocket of the opposition or you are just simply hollow. You think readers are foolish enough to believe your tirade against this administration which have done so much to uplift our sunken economy, improve by a thousand fold our fight against graft and corruption, and develop our infrastructure that foreign investors are now falling in line to invest in our land? Who you fooling?

    6. It’s a wonder why all these are happening in the country despite the presence of the ‘intellegentia’ group, the academia. the fourth estate, etc. Congress has become inutile because of mediocre and corrupt senators and congressmen. It is a ‘consolation’ that we will all go down togethrer as a nation, irrespective of our stations in life. We all deserved what we have because everyone permitted all these ‘irregularities’ in the operations of the government of Pres. BS Aquino. May God bless the Philippines.

    7. This type of Filipino quality of leadership is a prime example that we don’t need for our country. It shows its manipulative character to the dismay of its citizens. Yet they still want to control the next six years from 2016-2022 the whole country, they are our colonizers as citizens because they can never be considered the real leaders for a better country.

    8. I cannot understand why Mrs. Carpio-Morales has allowed herself to be a political instrument to destroy the rule of law which is a key guiding principle in a working democracy. Can you imagine? Once a Justice of the Supreme Court and in the sunset years of her life at that? Or is she consumed by hatred against whom, only she knows? Or has discernment abandoned her long time ago?
      In the case of Mrs. De Lima, well, it is probably in her inherent character to do as her principal wishes. A dysfunctional kind of loyalty. Just look at her face and you see a cross breed of buldog and a pit bull in human form. Look thru the eyes. Do you see a soul bahind?
      That Mr. Simeon Aquino has destroyed the rule of law and other imperatives in a republican democracy is a foregone conclusion. And he must pay under the rules of men and of the high heavens.

    9. ferdinand concepcion on

      I wonder why Filipinos are letting go of this BS Aquino’s wanton violation of the laws and Constitution. In other countries in S. America and Europe, where the citizens are more politically mature and concerned, there would have been massing in the streets; even an uprising to oust the leader dis regarding the laws.

      • yan nga ang nakapagtataka. binaboy na ng husto ni boy sisi at kanyang alipores halos lahat ng batas pero itong mga pinoys ay parang walang nangyari lang ang attitude, in other words PATAY MALI. nakakaawa talaga ang mga pinoys na nagdudusa dahil na rin sa kanilang kapabayaang babuyin ang kanilang pagkatao sa mga ginagawa ni boy sisi at mga alipores

      • A nation of sheep that have lost the will to fight for what’s right. The entire government is behind the corruption and shielding so before taking on something that massive there needs to be a national rage.

        People are more concerned about how they and their families are going to eat every day and lets face it as a collective whole they are misinformed by the television media who are controlled by the very people that are keeping them poor and misinformed.