Budget for state workers’ salaries gets P48 billion hike


The national budget for the salaries of government workers will increase by P48 billion for 2014, it was learned on Monday.

This developed after the proposed P2.268 trillion budget for 2014 provided for P660 billion for Personnel Services, up from this year’s P612 billion.

Of the P660 billion, P66 billion has been allotted for the pension of retired military and uniformed personnel and veterans, P464.3 billion for total compensation of civilian personnel and P128.2 billion for the pay of active members of the military and uniformed services.

Also included in the Personnel Services budget for 2014 is the P11.2 billion for new positions, mostly teachers, to be created in the civilian sector and P4.7 billion as initial year’s salary of uniformed personnel who will be in 2014.

Considering such figures, Camarines Sur Rep. Rolando Andaya cautioned against filing measures which provides for pay hikes for specific government employee such as teachers, policemen and soldiers.

“We should view the government’s compensation classification in its entirety because the need to adjust salaries does not exist in one profession alone but is across-the-board.  The doctors need pay hike too, as well as our scientists,” Andaya pointed out.

In pushing for salary increases in the government ranks, Andaya underscored that fiscal affordability should be primarily considered because the salaries of those who work in the public sector are being paid by taxpayers.

Andaya cited that every expenditure leaves a tax footprint, meaning that the Value Added Tax collected from 8.08 billion packs of instant noodles sold would be just good enough for the salaries of 10,000 cops, and that the financing of 14,243 classrooms would need an amount equivalent to excise tax collection on the full tank of gasoline of 45 million cars.

“If a barangay wants to hire a teacher, and plans to pay her salary solely out of the excise tax on gin they will consume, then they must drink their way to 40,491 bottles of bilog, making them a real Barangay Ginebra,” Andaya argued.


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