Budget-friendly activities for children


Budget-friendly20150329Catching some sun is necessary for a person’s well-being. One of its health benefits is being a good source of vitamin D. Some day light can also improve a person’s mood and energy as well as treat skin diseases. So if you want your children to be at their optimal health, bring them outdoors.

Since vacation time is just around the corner, many of us are already planning ahead for memorable summer activities in addition to looking out for budget-friendly things to do with the family.

Spending time together during family outings can be a lot of fun because the memories made on every trip stay with us forever. Make the most out of family time, here are some budget-friendly suggestions for summer:

1. Spend a day at the beach. Bring the whole family to the beach, where everyone can find and enjoy something to do, have a place to relax, or be adventurous and simply have fun. Spend time on the shore, swim in the ocean, build sandcastles, play sports such as beach volleyball, or get a tan. Let kids enjoy the outdoors without limits by using Kids Plus+ Sun Protect Sunblock Lotion by Tupperware. Infused with plus+ benefits of SPF 30 and UVA filter, you can enjoy the rays knowing your kids’ skin are protected from sunburn.

2. Have a picnic at the park. This budget-friendly activity allows kids to get out and enjoy the outdoors without having to go too far from home. Whether your picnic is intimate, with just immediate family, or a big family reunion, everyone gets a chance to bond, talk, and enjoy good food. Make sure to pack your meals in tight lid containers like those made by Tupperware.

3. Take a trip on the trail. Feel a rush of adrenaline from white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking, or other outdoor activities with the family. Though these may be more challenging than usual, they will definitely be something everyone will be talking about for a long time. Plus, the cool photos will be worth it. Keep your kids cool while taking a hike with Kids Plus+ Sun Protect Cooling Powder with the benefits of allantoin to prevent irritation and skin inflammation. This powder contains cooling vapors to cool and soothe your kids’ skin, even while keeping active.

No matter what activities you choose this summer, the most important thing is to protect loved ones when having fun under the sun.


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