• Budget laws beyond Aquino


    Dear Mr. Tiglao,
    The first thing I do when I arrive in the office is to read your column. This has become part of my office daily tasks.
    I am inspired by your braveness and clarity in explaining the facts. You are what this country needs. Someone who says NO when the rest say otherwise. I pray that God will continue to shower his wisdom upon you so the public, most oftentimes misled by authorities, will know the real situation this country faces.
    Keep up Mr. Tiglao, you are the concrete example of an enlightened citizenry.
    Michael Sanchez, sanchez0904@gmail.com

    Look who’s talking….if I remember right Mr. Tiglao is a former GMA cabinet guy…a spokesman. Everybody knows what happened to the country during the 9 year GMA administration. To find fault in the present administration is an obvious counter attack by the reform being instituted since it is inevitable that some people will be found guilty of wrongdoing. Mr. Tiglao….Kailan ba natin sisimulan ang paglilinis sa katiwalian sa gobyerno? Sino ba ang dapat magsimula sa pag-sasaayos ng ating bansa? Kung hinde ito ang tamang panahon…Kailan ba? Nagkaroon kayo ni GMA ng pagkakataon noong nasa malakanyang kayo pareho….Nilinis ba ninyo ang gobyerno sa katiwalian?…di ba puro pagnanakaw lang ginawa ng amo mong si GMA? Kapal ng mukha mo magkomento sa present administration.
    Rolly Javier, javierrolando29@yahoo.com


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