How to build children’s artistic abilities


Creative children are likely to become critical thinkers and imaginative innovators PHOTO COURTESY OF SCOTT’S DHA GUMMIES

Nurturing a child’s creative potential at an early age is essential for developing higher-order skills, and an artistic mind. According to the Center of Childhood Creativity, expressive and creative children are likely to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and imaginative innovators.

Let children explore different ways of learning with a healthy brain and the right support systems. Here are some activities to bring out the artist in kids:

Initiate interest. Expose children to a variety of arts, crafts, and hobbies. Let them listen to jazz or classical music. Make them paint abstract shapes in different colors. Teach them how to transform paper into a beautiful crane. Not only do they get to learn more about the world, but they also get to know what they like and what they are capable of.

Encourage them to practice. Do you see your child strumming their guitar every day? Or hear him trying to reach and sustain that high note? Whatever it is, teach them to hone that skill. They will be driven to pursue their passion if family members are there, gently pushing them to be better at it.

Assure them that mistakes are part of learning. Your child might not get the dance steps right immediately. Maybe he could paint with better colors next time. Part of nurturing creativity is developing the proper mindset to approach setbacks. When a child stumbles, help him get back on his feet.


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