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    I’ll be 29 years old this year. This reality simply reinforced the idea that time passes by swiftly – one day you are an idealistic college graduate and the next, it’s been 10 years and life isn’t anything like you imagined.

    We always wish our lives were happier, our days brighter, and our choices better. I had a lot of questions and this ended up making me contemplative. And by contemplative, I mean sitting on the couch with my journal open trying best to appear that I know what I’m doing.

    The only reasonable resolution that I can make is to make sure that I own my time, every single minute of it. I wanted to look back on my life and make sure that every minute of it was mine – spent the way I desired (according to my values and beliefs) and no one else’s.

    This led me to an inspiring Ted Talk by author Laura Vanderkam, who is the successful author behind time management books like What The Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, All The Money In The World, 168 Hours, and Grindhopping.

    She went on to say that the first mistake is when someone doesn’t take accountability with the way they choose to spend their time. How many of us have peppered our daily conversation with, ” don’t have to do x, y, or z.”

    We act as if we cannot control how we choose to spend our time and so we end up being victimized by our busyness instead of owning it. The reality is, according to Laura, is that what we don’t have time for [what]isn’t a priority. She proceeds on to explain that acknowledging it for what it is, which is not wanting to do something therefore not making it a priority, reminds us that everything we do with our time is a choice.

    Biboy Ravanes

    Biboy Ravanes

    Once we realize that we have the power to choose what to do with our time and our day and eventually our lives, we will finally reach a point where we use this power of choice to fill our lives with things we think deserve to be there.

    To have a life that we are proud of means figuring out what our priorities are. Create a performance review early on, track down the things you wish to be by the end of 2017, and prioritize it everyday. Label your desired success accordingly: career, relationships, and self and work your ways towards them everyday.

    There are 168 hours in a week and while at the end of sleeping and working full time, you may be left with only 72 hours for relationships and self, this still leaves you with more than enough time to achieve in those areas too. It means being smart about your small moments, where the greatest memories lay.

    The bits of time in between this thing called life is what makes it beautiful. Laura proceeds on to say, it’s about looking at the whole of one’s time and seeing where the good stuff go. There is time. Even if we are busy, we have time for what matters. And when we focus on what maters, we can build the lives we want in the time we’ve got.”

    This year, I wish to build a life centered on family because they are the ones who matter the most to me. When all is said and done, the plaques on the wall, the money in the bank, and the accolades will never compare to the true warmth of being with the ones you love.

    And on this very special weekend, I choose to use this opportunity to honor my hero, my dad, Biboy Ravanes. To the world, he may be one of the best defenders in the Philippine Basketball Association, but to me, he is the man who chose to spend his time wisely by giving it all to his family.

    Words in this column of mine may never be enough but I am proud to call you my father. Happy, happy birthday!
    The best is yet to come.
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