• Building for the future: SCG’s sustainable home design


    How will the “home of the future” look? Will it be laden with gadgets and robotics? On the contrary, a true home of the future is not necessarily a gadget showcase but rather, a future ready house: one that can anticipate the future needs of its residents.

    Built using sustainable and eco-friendly materials and energy efficient technology, these homes are self-sufficient and can bring comfort to its residents throughout the years while being environmentally friendly.

    This year, Asean building conglomerate SCG joined the Architect Fair 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand, and introduced designs and construction materials that define the “home of the future.” Following the “Universal Design” concept, the products showcased in the fair reflected the varying styles and needs of different people, truly making it future ready.

    SCG introduced a prototype eco-friendly home called “The NEST,” designed to be self-sustainable by considering the environmental factors of the future and the problems people may face with limited natural resources. This future ready home can provide its dwellers a comfortable lifestyle while limiting their dependence on outside resources.

    The NEST is called an Energy Plus House as it can produce electricity for its needs without access to external power lines through its installed solar cell with Backup Power Systems from Electrolyser Fuel Cell System. The house can produce an extra 1,861 units of electricity per year.

    Other features of the house that make it self-sufficient are its Bioclimatic Design and Passive Cooling Technology which stabilizes temperature, and its efficient water saving feature, which uses 59 percent less water compared to normal houses.

    Beyond its physical features, a “home of the future” should also respond to the different needs of families, regardless of their age, gender, and personality. SCG HEIM’s CARE Series and SCG Eldercare Solution aim to do just that.

    The CARE series is a single-detached unit for the elderly that can be built beside the main family home. It is equipped with safety features and functional accessories such as ramps, basins, and sliding doors with handrails. The house is also equipped with bedside and toilet alarms which are connected to the main house and mobile phones of relatives which will go off in case of an emergency.

    The SCG Eldercare Solution, on the other hand, is a complete service that assesses
    the health of a person and then proceeds to select a design and products that meet the special requirements of the elderly.

    To those who want to make their own home of the future, SCG has created building sustainable and long-lasting materials that have functional, yet aesthetically pleasing features to meet the future needs of homeowners. One example is the SCG Smartwood, a fiber cement wood substitute. Produced with Firm & Flex Technology, it will not shrink, warp, or break. Being a wood substitute, homeowners will no longer have to worry about termite and disintegration problems and will be able to enjoy a home with a wood-like finish.


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