• Buildings, homes benefit from safety window films


    It was unimaginable decades ago to build high-rise buildings covered with glass, because despite the advances in glass technology, glass always remained breakable.

    Today, safety films for glasses make it possible for engineers to build high-rise buildings draped with glass. In the Philippines, Miles and Levels distributes Galaxy Security and Safety films, which are manufactured in the United States.

    “Galaxy is a new brand on the market, there is also a general perception that window films are only for cars, and that even or cars they are installed only for aesthetic value,” the company said in a statement.

    “Premium security and safety films are a solid and functional investment, especially for establishments that have large display windows, or even homes and buildings,” it added.

    Despite the advances in materials technology, and the development of transparent plastics such as polycarbonate, glass remains virtually the universal material for home and building windows and vehicle windshields.

    Despite dramatic improvements in the manufacture of glass, particularly in the way in which glass is tempered, the main drawback of glass remains: glass is still brittle, and when it breaks, it can cause injuries. To address this problem, there are a number of solutions, but arguably the most readily available and easy to install or deploy are safety tints.

    And while industrial glass is more durable, it is quite expensive, which is why most people who build houses still opt for more ordinary glass, which is more affordable but not as strong.

    But Miles and Levels said that whether ultra-strong industrial glass, or ordinary glass is used for house windows, the margin of safety increases dramatically with safety films.

    High-quality safety films when properly installed actually improve the overall strength of any glass pane, more than that though, if and when glass does break or shatter, safety films keep the fragments together and stop them from causing injuries or damage.

    “Protection from injuries is just one way that safety and security films deliver peace of mind,” Miles and Levels said.

    Properly installed and cured premium safety films also serve as a very effective deterrent for break-ins and burglaries.

    “Burglars who are brazen enough to break a window to gain entry to an establishment they are trying to rob, bank heavily on their speed, they also try to make as little noise as possible when breaking windows,” Miles and Levels said.

    “Safety film-coated windows require far more time and effort to get into, and breaking through them is necessarily a noisy activity. These factors are often more than enough reason to discourage or abort any attempt to get in through a safety film protected window,” it added.


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