• Bulacan massacre probers no longer consider husband ‘person of interest’—Acosta


    The Bulacan PNP, headed by Sr. Supt Romeo Caramat Jr., acting provincial director, (center) with Supt. Fitz Macariola (right), San Jose del Monte City police chief; Chief Insp. Paul Ortiz (left) of the Bulacan Crime Laboratory, announces to the media on Friday, July 14, the positive results of the forensic examination against Carmelino Ibanes as one of the perpetrators in the Bulacan massacre.

    The husband whose family was massacred in Bulacan in early July is no longer a “person of interest”, the Public Attorney’s Office said on Thursday.

    In an emailed statement to The Manila Times, Persida Acosta, PAO chief, whose office was representing Dexter Carlos Sr. quoted investigators in the case as saying that “not a single evidence came out linking Dexter to the crime”.

    Hence, Acosta said, “there is no basis to conduct a polygraph test with Dexter.”

    Acosta said investigators should consider that a polygraph test was “not conclusive according to the Supreme Court”.

    The suggestion of subjecting Carlos to a polygraph test was raised by Chief Superintendent Aaron Aquino, Central Luzon police director, who said that the security guard has become a “POI” based on circumstancial evidence at the time his wife, mother-in-law and three children were killed on June 27.

    Aquino had cited his unexplained absence during the time the crime was supposed to have been committed that was reflected in a log book he signed as security guard of a bank in Makati.

    Aquino said, however, that Carlos had a choice as to whether he would undergo the test or not.

    Carlos emerged as “POI” after three previous suspects were killed allegedly by “vigilantes”. A fourth remains missing.

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    Acosta said that what the first suspect, Carmelino Ibanes, revealed to media immediately after his arrest on June 29 was “consistent with the evidence found in the crime scene – that several suspects perpetrated the crime of rape and murder”.

    ”The investigators were on the right track at that time,” said Acosta.

    Also found at the scene of the crime, according to Aquino who presented Ibanes, were the knife supposedly used in the murders and blood belonging to the victims’ attackers. Added to this was a witness who saw a “bloodied” Ibanes running out of the Carlos’ home after the killings.

    Although Ibanes recanted his statement on, “his extrajudicial confession, which was taken by investigators with the assistance of (one) Attorney Cruz, a private lawyer, would not demolish his spontaneous media interview, which is admissible in court”.

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    Acosta said that the polygraph test for Carlos was a mere “fishing expedition for evidence dahil nung una ay wala silang makitang evidence against him”.

    Acosta said that the police should take note of the fact that when President Rodrigo Duterte visited the Carlos’s wake on July 5, he assured the security guard that “justice would be served to his family”.

    Following Duterte’s assurance, Carlos, through the Department of Justice (DOJ), was placed under the witness protection program (WPP), with agents from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) keeping watch.


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