Bulacan ‘sabong’ leaves many families penniless and broken


Legalizing an activity to serve the interests of a few but ruins the lives of the majority surely is not right.

Sta. Maria, Bulacan Mayor Omeng Ramos made a lot of cockfighting aficionados in his town happy but left the mothers and children there miserable.

For starters, Mayor Ramos and his council made cockfighting a daily activity or an everyday past time for their male constituents.

However, the result of Ramos’ order turned a lot of people in his town addicted to this legalized form of gambling, leaving some families penniless after the heads of the households reportedly splurge their daily wages on bets.

There is nothing illegal in cockfighting, or “sabong” in Tagalog, if done properly under the law that approves it as a national past time.

However, the law clearly states that “sabong” should only be done three times a week at a designated public area or arena of a city or town, according to Senate Committee on Games and Amusement Chairman Koko Pimentel.

Sen. Pimentel said he will look into the complaints of the women in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, and promised to talk to Mayor Ramos regarding the questionable resolution his council passed a year ago.

Anti-gambling crusader and Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz said allowing gambling to operate in one’s jurisdiction, whether legal or not, is immoral.

I wonder how much the mayor makes…I mean the town’s cockfighting arena…in its ticket sales everyday?

* * *

A few good (PNoy) men

Not all of President Aquino’s men are corrupt, arrogant, stupid, and abusive. There are a very few who work diligently to try to make our lives a little bit better and keep this country moving forward while their colleagues, and even their boss, are caught up in intrigues and anomalies.

One of these men who are quite effective in their jobs is Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Francis Tolentino, said a friend who works in Malacañang.

He said not only does Tolentino take care of the daily traffic woes of the millions of Metro Manila motorists and commuters, the MMDA chief also has to come up with solutions to the floodings in the metropolis during the rainy season.

The day to day cleanliness and beautification of the national capital region is another task Tolentino has to squeeze in on his busy schedule that is mostly spent on the streets of Metro Manila, he added.

The former mayor of Tagaytay City, who was handpicked by the President to head the agency tasked to oversee Metro Manila’s traffic and flooding, has so far shied away from politics and intrigues saying, “Trabaho muna. [Work first.]”

My Malacañang mole added that while other Cabinet members try to “kiss ass” the President to remain in their jobs despite being inefficient or involved in anomalies, Tolentino very seldom reports to Malacanang and therefore is rarely seen around the President.

PNoy should have more men like Tolentino who really does his job, unlike some who pretend to be working by directing traffic, or by inventing government funding…hehehe.



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  1. mang darambong on

    well cockfighting in this sense is gambling and then we have to factor in irresponsibility and poverty, what do you get?

    even if the activity is illegal, these gamblers will still have their way. why blame the tradition or sport and demonize it? why cant these people man up to their being irresponsible?

    why would a woman have children with an irresponsible man?

    the responsibility is within the person itself.

  2. That mayor is only one of those typical dirty politicians that abounds in our country. We need a revolutionized system change in our politics. We have to change our constitution to favor the needs of our labor group especially our farmers. No to political dynasties and the selling of our prime utilities to our oligarchs na pera lang ang Diyos na kinikilala nila.

  3. A few good (PNoy) men? I’ll give you a thousand if you can prove that!
    Anyone cannot be part of a team without getting corrupted.