Bullet planting scam probe on – Palace


The government has vowed to hold accountable those behind the alleged “laglag bala” or bullet planting scam at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

Presidential Communications Secretary Herminio Coloma Jr. said an investigation is ongoing to get to the bottom of the incident.

“Sinisiyasat ng OTS ang insidente [An investigation is being conducted by the Office of the Transport Security],” Coloma told reporters.

A Japanese tourist and a Hong Kong-bound domestic helper were the latest victims of the scam.

On Sunday, Kazunobu Sakamoto, 33, of Tokyo, was on his way back to Japan when he was detained by members of the Philippine National Police-Aviation Security Group after personnel of the OTS claimed that an X-ray of his luggage showed images of bullets for a 9mm pistol.

Gloria Ortinez, 56, an overseas Filipino worker, was barred from leaving for Hong Kong also on Sunday after a bullet was allegedly found in her hand-carried bag.

Sakamoto and Ortinez were arrested and charged at the Pasay City prosecutor’s office with illegal possession of ammunition.

Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. also deplored the bullet planting scam, saying the modus was meant to extort money from the victims.

“We have heard of similar incidents before on this modus operandi to extort money from hapless victims and we all thought that with the media attention and investigations conducted this won’t happen again. That is why this latest incident is disturbing to say the least,” Marcos said.

The senator sent a member of his legal staff to look into the situation of Ortinez and provide the assistance that she needs.

Marcos called for stricter implementation of security protocols in all airports.
He also warned against the hasty filing of criminal charges when there are indications that the suspect may be a victim of a frame up.

“Because of the allegation against her, Mrs. Ortinez was not able to leave the country and she could lose her job. Worse, she now bears the additional burden of having to defend herself in court and the possibility of spending time in jail. This means she is still on the losing end even if she is eventually cleared of the charges against her,” Marcos said.

“We call our OFWs our modern heroes and this is what they get in return?” he added.
Marcos said he will await the report of his staff to find out if there is a need to call for a Senate investigation on the incident.


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  1. Mga walanghiya, Buwaya at mga sinungaling yang mga empleyadong sangkot dyan kasama na yong mga official ng avsecom na nagsasabing walang bullet planting na nangyayari sa naia, dahil lahat sila ay kasabwat sa modus na yan… dapat lahat sila ay ikulong at tanggalin sa trabaho nila..Ginagawa nilang gago mga biktima nila.. pati ba naman yong si nanay na matagal ng nagtratrabaho sa hongkong bibiktimahin nila magkano lang naman ang sinusweldo ng pobre…Wala kayong mga hiya, ang kakapal ng mga mukha nyo. Dapat kayo ang tinatamaan ng matinding kalamidad para maramdaman nyo ang sakit.

  2. Mr President will you please act on this bold and daring issue which will fall behind you. your people doing this just to harass and have money instanly. Please Mr President act now. Kung sino pa ung lumalaban ng parehas, nagtitis na mapawalay sa family ay sya pang binibiktima ng mga buhong at buwaya. san papunta ang Pilipinas

  3. The Philippine government is so corrupt that it can not prosecute any of these scammers. If the government officials REALLY want to stop this just put cameras in the airport areas it is suspected of happening. Simple problem needs a simple solution. Kaya lang pag naglagay ng mga camera baka doble naman ang gagastusin dahil sa may parte na naman ang mga mamamahala ng paglagay ng mga camera. The people can’t win.

  4. Your suggestion are all good. But you should never expect the present administration to do anything quickly.

  5. Stop these lunatics! Investigate OTS (Office of transport Security) instead. It seem they cannot identify their own people or they simply incompetent. Let’s just hope CCTV are installed all over naia.

  6. This is crazy. We all know its a scam. The government needs to take immediate action now! No not in 2 weeks/months. These scammers need to be in jail. Corruption is wide spread throughout the Philippines, when will it ever stop. Only was supposed to take care of this (as stated during his campaign). Now it appears more wide spread. Even hedoes so many illegal things (DAP,ETC). anything for a vote and hell with the people, ththat’s the motto for the politicians.

  7. This should be a National Concern. Tourism is good for the country. And also those OFW help increase Philippine $ Reserves. These visitors need protection.

  8. This is probably the number one reason why the Philippines is not a tourist destination and the worst that can happen to anyone tourist or not. I hope the authorities will see to it that it will be resolved right now. Those that committed the crime did more damage to tourism that several Yolandas

  9. Mc Donald Reyes on

    Nakakahiya ang mga pilipino sa kanilang ginagawa sa airport sa kagustuhang magkapera ipapahamak nila ang mga inosenteng tao. Pera pera lang maghanapbuhay kayo ng matino lumaban kayo ng patas.