• Bullets rip out barangay poll bet


    ZAMBOANGA CITY: Gunmen killed a young politician and wounded her husband and driver in an ambush that occurred ahead of village polls in the southern Philippines, officials said Saturday.

    Officials said the Friday attack in Lanao del Sur’s Piagapo town killed the 28-year old Salma Abdurahman Sultan, a candidate in the October 28 elections. Her husband, Tagoloan Jakaria, 29, and their driver, Jainal Pacasum, were both wounded in the ambush, according to Captain Jefferson Somera, a regional army spokesman.

    “The politician had just filed her candidacy paper in the town and was returning home when gunmen attacked her vehicle. The woman was instantly killed in the attack,” he said.

    Somera said the ambushers escaped after the shooting. He said the military and police have launched a separate investigation into the ambush and he could not say who were suspected as behind the broad daylight attack or whether the ambush was connected to the upcoming polls.

    The province is part of the Muslim autonomous region.

    No individual or group claimed responsibility for the ambush, but elections in the southern Philippines are traditionally violent and even village polls is a huge concern to authorities because of warring political clans, vote buying and the presence of private armies and rebel groups in the troubled region.

    Al Jacinto


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    1. What is absolutely unwarranted and unacceptable, are these types of jealousies, political power-grabbing, financial self-enrichments, and clandestine activities in which people have to commit murder just to win political VILLAGE ELECTIONS! It has always been my contention that these so-considered “village elections” now named “barangay elections”, are archaic at best, a thing of the past yesteryear and a lost way of controlling far-flung stretches of outlying township villages, and in today’s world of politics and expansion, the worth of barangay elections are worthless to say the least. Too much money is allocated and spent. Vote-buying never ceases. Political and local family rivalries go on and on forever. Injuries and deaths are a known fact of life in barangay elections. Families and friendships are split forever in most cases. These barangays ought to be controlled through the local municipal, in my opinion, and then dissolved forever are the problems associated with trying to operate a small condensed part of the township or city by politicos, most of whom, venture in it for themselves, wherein dynasties are mostly created. Eliminate this barangay thing. Do we really need a Captain, Assistant Captain, Treasurer, Secretary, and other people running business quarters of the town, when it could be done literally for the expense of paying three people to handle that business of barangay requirements. Allow the police to do their jobs, too, and patrol and solve civil issues instead of creating a harmful situation where SK’s and Tanods do the job. If someone knew the law here, the SK’s and Tanods could be sued and the city is held responsible. No hold-harmless legalities will prevail.