Bumper Christmas ‘Guess Who’ edition



GUESS WHO? A bunch of network employees on lunch break took one of the office elevators to find this pretty actress (PA) and her personal assistant already inside.

While they do not see PA within the premises frequently, the group was shocked to see her yelling at the top of her voice while talking to her alalay.

“Sobrang lakas ng boses niya to the point na ipinaparinig niya talaga yung sinasabi niya. ‘Hmph akala mo kung sinong maganda, eh, ang itim-itim naman ng kili-kili niya, ‘no!’ she rattled off. Instantly, we knew who she was referring to—taga-station din na aktres ang kaaway niya,” someone in the group surmised.

Embarassed, the gang showed not a hint of curiosity over the scene nor even glanced at the PA.

“We pretended we weren’t listening pero sige pa rin siya sa katatalak! Nagkakatinginan na lang kami ng mga kasamahan ko and silently we all realized na, ‘Totoo pala ang tsismis!’ Mukha lang siyang sweet, but can’t looks be deceiving after all?”

* * *

This time of the year is supposed to be a season for sharing one’s blessings. Or so this group of showbiz scribe-carolers thought.

One of our colleagues couldn’t help but smirk as she recalled—with a quaint mix of fondness and shock—an instance when her group visited the posh residence of a mestizo actor (MA) a few years back.

“Days before that night’s caroling we had a letter sent to him, asking if we could visit him at his convenience. He readily agreed naman on a date he specified himself. So we planned our itinerary and inuna muna namin siyang puntahan on board a spacious van we even rented,” the scribe said.

Even if the MA wasn’t home, he had instructed his house help about the carolers’ expected visit. “OK lang kahit wala siya; we were told he was taping for a TV show. Ibinilin naman kasi niya yung pakimkim sa kasambahay niya.

“After our set, we all rushed back to the van as we couldn’t be late for our next stop. Excited, we checked how much the envelope contained, we were all just staring at each other until someone in the group incredulously remarked, ‘Are you sure this is the envelope he had left for us?’”

The envelope contained a crisp one hundred-peso bill.

* * *

Someone from an advertising agency confessed to “using” somebody else’s pair of legs in a TVC shoot in which a handsome matinee idol (HMI) plays the lead.

Said a Vignettes source, “Actually, I’ve been meaning to ask the guy why the actor has not a single shot from waist down in the ad. Even in his other commercials, may mga shots siya sa bandang ibaba but we never see his face at all.”

Initially groping for words, the ad guy later admitted that yes, the entire creative team had to get another male talent for his extremeties.

“Parang ang weird kasi, the actor’s pair of legs is disproportionate. Parang binti ng manok that can be mistaken for a girl’s.”


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