• Bumping into ‘Sex and the City’s’ ‘Charlotte’ in NYC



    It was a sunny and beautiful day at Central Park last week when In The Know got some time off after covering the premiere of Marvel’s “The Defenders” on Netflix.

    We went jogging to make the most of what’s left of summer in the United States when we randomly saw a crowd gathering in the middle of the park. The curious cat in us could not resist having a look see and weren’t we glad we did, because guess who was there? None other than Kristin Davis, the iconic Charlotte of “Sex and the City!” How cool is that?

    ‘The Crown’s Queen Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and (Matt Smith) Prince Phillip returns for a second season of the Netflix-original drama

    What was even more cool was how quickly she got to chat with In The Know amid the jam packed press in attendance. Apparently, Kristin was there for an Ivory Crush event headed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, an endeavor where the state of New York hunts for illegal Ivory collectors. Sadly, in just a span of two years, they had already confiscated $10 million-worth or two tons of illegal ivory pieces.

    According to Kristin, she’s been part of the advocacy since 2009.

    “I’ve been supporting Ivory Crush after I first found a baby elephant in Kenya and I took her to a wildlife trust. Now she’s living happily in the wild and hopefully safely.”

    She says that after Sex and the City, she devoted her time to this cause especially since elephants continue to be endangered even as the sale of ivory has been since 1990.

    Passionate in her cause, Kristin was close to tears as she looked at the Ivory pieces that were about to be crushed on the ground.

    “People are still not fully aware of this, and if people really truly understood that ivory has blood on it, they would not want to own it and ivory would not be a prestigious thing to own.”

    In The Know with Kristin Davis, ‘Sexy and The City’s’ Charlotte

    Finally, the powerful teaser of the multi-awarded royalty show “The Crown” was revealed over the weekend for the series’ return and streaming date on December 8!

    The new season deals with the complexity and boundaries of the British royals, especially Prince Phillip (Matt Smith) who starts to rebel after being overshadowed by his wife, the Queen Elizabeth.

    The Queen’s staying power, however, is established this season as she celebrates over a decade on the throne.

    Here’s another exciting highlight though, wath out for the tensed 1961 meeting between the Queen and America’s own royalty, President John F. Kennedy (Michael C. Hall) and his wife Jackie (Jodi Balfour).

    GUESS WHO? This perennial bachelor is still on the market and on the lookout for a lady love to reciprocate his feelings!

    Long after his busy days in the spotlight—where he was known to create an issue to overshadow his under achievements—he is still at it.

    Davis is an advocate of Ivory Crush, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s hunt for illegal ivory collectors

    Word reached In The Know that he even asks his friends’ wives to set him up with the ‘It Women’ in the showbiz and lifestyle scenes, including social media who would possibly go out with him on a date. The sad part? He’s getting nowhere because he girls reject him through his friends. Ouch!

    Until next week!


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