Bus victim was carrying wedding gift for cousin

Arvin and the pair of sneakers that he bought for his cousin.

Arvin and the pair of sneakers that he bought for his cousin.

Today, Jessica Balurin will wed her fiancé but her former playmate and favorite cousin, Arvin Balurin, will not be around to share her happy day.

Arvin, 20, was one of the passengers killed when a Don Mariano Transit bus plunged from the Skyway to the service road below in Parañaque City on Monday.

Although Arvin is gone, Jessica will receive the wedding present that the former bought for her—a pair of tennis shoes. Their grandmother made sure that the gift will reach the bride who could not stop crying when she learned of the tragic accident.

Agnes Dulag, one of the relatives who identified Arvin’s body at the
Veronica Funeral Homes in Pasaya City, said that Jessica and Arvin were very good friends and playmates when they were growing up in Tuguegarao City. They attended the same schools, and loved to hang around with their friends. They got separated only when Arvin decided to try his luck in Metro Manila.

“I am sure Arvin wanted to attend the wedding and personally give his gift to Jessica,” Dulag told The Manila Times.

“We cousins are very close to one another. We love to exchange jokes.
There are no dull moments when we are together,” she said.

Dulag said Jessica was inconsolable when told of Arvin’s death.

She said Jessica wept and kept on repeating, “it’s not true, it’s not true.”

Arvin’s relatives could not at first identify him because of the deep lacerations on his face.

“We positively identified him after seeing his mole on his back,” Dulag said.

“We were surprised to see the pair of shoes he was telling us as his wedding gift to our cousin Jessica,” she added.

She said Arvin had just attended a party in Makati City before the accident. He took the Don Mariano Transit bus from Guadalupe and was on his way home to Dasmariñas, Cavite that Monday morning.

Arvin worked as an assistant dining supervisor in a restaurant in Ayala Alabang Town Center.

His uniform, including a chef’s cap, was found inside his backpack, alongside the tennis shoes for Jessica.

However, Dulag said that her cousin’s wallet that contained P12,000 cash and his cellphone were missing.

“His boss called up and told us that Arvin was carrying his 13th month pay,” she said.

She added that they could not find also the cellular phone of Arvin. When they asked the police, the officers only gave them poker faces, as if they heard nothing.

Dulag said that Jessica will proceed to Arvin’s wake in Dasmariñas, Cavite after her wedding.

“For sure Jessica will meet him there,” she said.


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  1. I live in das marinas & tell her on her way here to look at how bad the driving is on every single road. Its this stupidity of the pinoy driver what leads to accidents. Bring in a difficult strict driving test. Give points on licece for an offence along with a hefty fine & you will soon stop these stupid drivers as they are everywhere every single day. Most pinoys drivers ignore every rule & regulation when driving every single time so to single out this bus driver is unfair. Every single car driver is just as bad as that driver is just they havent been in that accident yet. Also pedestrians need to take responsibility for their actions as when some of them are run over its their own fault & not the drivers fault but here in the philippines its always the drivers fault full stop unless you are a rich celebrity or a politician.