Business + Class: A unique magazine in the making


RESPONDING to a call by modern Filipino businessmen for a more innovative and unique source of information, a new upmarket glossy magazine was rolled out in the country.

Veteran business journalist Kim Bernardo Lokin said the “Business + Class” magazine is the first and the only glossy magazine in the country that combines both business and lifestyle.

When publisher Patrick Lawrence Tan was toying with an idea of having a business or a lifestyle glossy magazine, Lokin said the concept of putting them together instead popped up. Hence, “Business + Class” magazine was born.

“The concept is truly unique. We are just answering the call of modern times when you need a mix of business and lifestyle in one magazine,” said Lokin, who is also the magazine’s managing editor.

Prior to the launch of the newest magazine, Lokin said they even checked around and found out that there was no other publication that falls under such category.

“We would like say that we think out of the box. We can say that this is the first of this kind in the country and we are very happy starting that way,” she added.

The editorial team envisioned “Business + Class” to be a little bit more light and as nice as the glossy lifestyle magazines, but still having the business touch.

Lokin said “Business + Class” is not only a magazine for businessmen but also about their aspirations in life.

“If you look at the totality of this one it is primarily a business magazine but it also caters to all the aspirations of a modern businessman today,” she added.

The magazine does not only provide information on what is happening in the business industry but also caters to the personal desires of modern day businessmen.

“We envisioned it to cater to today’s modern businessman. If you say today’s Filipino businessman, that also includes those who are outside the country,” she added.

To maintain its uniqueness, the magazine maintains regular sections such as the Cover, Corporate Roundup, R.S.V.P. Business, R.S.V.P. Lifestyle, Executive Diary, Arts and Culture, Destination (both local and international), Beauty, Style and Last Look, which features the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects of corporations.

As explained by Lokin, the magazine’s bi-monthly issue is thematic covering the various aspects or areas of the business sector.

For its premier issue, “Business + Class” covered former Sen. Manny Villar as it embarked on the real estate sector.

“We chose Villar because even if he is a politician, he is first and foremost a businessman and a very good one at that. In real estate everyone knows his story and he is still an inspiration and everybody wants to be like him,” Lokin said.

The magazine is not only exceptional because of its content and format but it is also notable because of the people behind it.

The people who comprise the magazine are young. We are lean and mean,” she added.
The magazine’s editorial team is composed of people who are considered experts in their field.

Apart from Lokin, included in the editorial team are Jing Lagandaon (Editor in Chief), Mia Tambunting Padilla (Lifestyle editor), Toni Abad (Beauty editor) and Rima Ostwani (Fashion editor).

The magazine is published by Globalink MP, one of the leading events and trade exhibitions companies in the country.

To strengthen its presence in the market, the magazine will be included in Globalink MP’s events and trade exhibitions apart from circulating it in the country’s major key cities. The company is also planning to launch an on-line version of the magazine to reach a wider range of readers.

Lokin’s group is optimistic that with a quality and unique product such as “Business + Class,” there is no reason for them not to succeed.

“There is a nitch in everything you do and as long as you have a very good product, I think there is nothing to worry about,” said Lokin.


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