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    Ej Lopez

    Ej Lopez

    More than 50 years ago, it took so much pain and struggle to come up and procure genuine or precise information much needed for the natural course of action to materialize. The only source of information then was tri-media (radio, television and newspapers). There were no personal communication gadgets to speak of such as mobile phones, iPad, tablets, note pads, computers, electronic organizers, and the likes. As such, life was so simple then or perhaps the simplicity was merely brought about by these limitations. There was no other way to rely on the updates about the latest happenings except through tri-media.
    Regardless of whether the sources are muddled or not, it does not matter because there was no other basis to cling to for new authentic information, and mere trust and faith was the basis of belief in its truthfulness. “In the mid-20th century, the majority of people did not have checking accounts and none of them had bank-issued credit cards. Those in the lower and middle economic classes mostly relied upon cash to buy goods and pay bills,” according to http://techcrunch.com/2009/03/01/information-technology-50-years-ago/.
    It was not surprising therefore, that people would get hold on larger amounts of cash stashed in their wallets when shopping, because of the dearth of credit card facilities and communication gadgets brought about by the lack of information technology updates.

    If we are to flashback how life was 50 years back, one can only imagine how people have survived during those “primitive” days in the absence of such kind of communications advancements. Yet people then have survived with such kind of finesse, so much so that present generation was able to inherit a good life, and perhaps better than what we have now. Telephone lines were a rarity in the households and firms in the 60s up to the 80s, and some people in telephone firms had the heydays of earning extra (but hefty) income from people who are willing to go the extra mile for that much sought telephone connection, both in the households and the business establishments. It was a classic example of graft and corruption committed in the private sector.

    In the academe, on the other hand, information was available only in the library. E-journals and e-books were never a factor or a reference. You have to be adept in the proper procedures of conducting library research to extract the information required and needed. Students of that era have learned the rudiments of research and information gathering,
    because they were “pushed” by the absence of technology that people are enjoying now.

    Ironically and despite the availability of information, which literally is at your fingertips, many have remained complacent and never had to struggle to satisfy the thirst for knowledge, for after all, these information can easily be accessed at the click of the finger.

    In truth and in fact, this wave of communications advancement resulted in illegal activities that indiscriminately put others into a disadvantage (e.g cybercrimes, plagiarism and other criminal activities). And these were not possible when advancement was not yet here.

    Although information facilities are readily available now as compared to the yesteryears, the struggle for knowledge and advancement that people had before brought about the development that people are enjoying now. Growth of a more standardized system of living that is more convenient, productive and efficient has been the hallmark of the previous generations.

    Business and commerce wise, the advent of communications technology has contributed immense improvement to the business environment. Whereas previously business operations would entail an innumerable amount of requirements including its cost, the easy access to information technology by way of the net, practically, anyone and everyone for that matter can become an entrepreneur without going to the nitty gritty of the commercial necessities.

    The effect of communications technology innovations has created a revolution of sort in the economic, political and living standard of the people as a whole. The result was either an improvement or a detriment to life. Nature provides a trade-off for every circumstance that happens. While previously, opportunities are made for those who can afford and capable, it is now more accessible to those who may have less capability, yet have the grit to succeed in life. In the past, entrepreneurial ability was reserved only for people with the qualities inherited from his or her genes; now we see the emergence of successful neophytes in the field of business, not possible to accomplish in the not so distant past.

    These and a host of other factors have contributed immensely to the advancement of our economy and life as a whole. Communications technology and innovations that are now conveniently accessible by way of social media has created camaraderie and rapport across all nations. This created a realization that one cannot imagine becoming possible 50 years ago; a community of nations as exemplified by a Globalized World. What was previously differentiated by races, culture and traditions, and geographical barriers before, has now been united as one nation, one world by communications technology and other advancements.

    Although some innovations may have been utilized for the impairment of mankind, the incessant need for advancement is indispensable, because of the growing demands for a much better life.

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