• Business proposals doable – Duterte


    President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said he will study the recommendations of business leaders for economic development.

    In his speech, Duterte said the recommendations, which include revamping the tax system, cutting red tape, speeding up infrastructure projects and implementing a national ID system seemed doable.

    “I was given a copy ahead of today of the ten recommendations for the socio economic programs of the government. And I assure you, we will study and review it,” Duterte told those who attended the Davao Business Forum held Tuesday.

    “And for now, I would say I see nothing wrong with this. These are all doable. It’s a matter of just doing it, implement it right away,” he added.

    Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry President George Barcelon and Mindanao Business Council President Vicente Lao presented their top 10 recommendations generated from the two-day summit dubbed “Sulong Pilipinas.”

    In his speech, Duterte admitted that he was not an economist.

    “You must understand that I am a lawyer. Do not expect me to discuss with you these economic provisions especially taxation,” he said.

    But Duterte promised that the economic experts of his team will study the recommendations.

    Duterte’s speech concluded the two-day summit, which sought to scrutinize his 10-point agenda, including tax reforms, continuing current macroeconomic policies, competitiveness, infrastructure spending and rural development.


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