• ‘Business as usual’ for Boracay


    Boracay tourism has not suffered despite warnings of polluted waters and the closure of 51 establishments due to environmental violations, a Tourism department official claimed.

    “It is business as usual in Boracay island as tourist traffic remains relatively similar or heavier as compared to the past days and weeks,” Western Visayas regional director Helen Catalbas said in a statement on Thursday.

    “Booking cancellations are insignificant and only twelve accommodation establishments with only 64 rooms and 192 visitors have reported cancellations,” she added.

    The Environment department has ordered the closure of establishments dumping sewage into the sea while the Local Governments department said the government “will make sure that those who are responsible or accountable to what happened to Boracay will be meted out with appropriate sanctions so there will no repeat of whatever happened….”

    The Tourism department said it was exerting all efforts to restore Boracay to a pristine state and expressed optimism a 6.1-million tourist arrival target would be met this year.


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