• Business as usual despite impeachment – Sereno


    Supreme Court Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno on Thursday urged justices, judges and court personnel to continue with their work despite the continuing impeachment process against her at the House of Representatives.

    Women should lead Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno gestures as she talks about women empowerment at a forum at St. Scholastica’s College in Manila. Photo by Boy Josue

    At the 14th Metrobank Foundation Professorial Lecture on “Judicial Accountability and Disciplinary Action Now and Beyond,” the chief justice said workers in the judiciary should not be distracted by the impeachment proceedings.

    “To the men and women of the judiciary and my fellow co-workers, please continue to focus on your work.
    Nothing should distract us,” Sereno said. “There is much to be done for this country. Our country is crying for justice and above all, may we continue to trust the Almighty God.”

    Sereno has refused to participate in the proceedings at the House, saying the complaints filed against her have no basis.

    She lamented that the “politics of holding a microphone” can influence or manipulate people.

    “There is a microphone in the Senate and in the lower house,” she said, adding that in Philippine politics, the president “holds the loudest microphone.”

    But Sereno said those people who hold the microphone should know their responsibility.

    “They should be reminded about the due process, equal protection, fairness and all the concept of justice in the land,” she said. “I think women understand it intuitively, when a side is fair and when it is not fair,” she added.

    The chief justice paid homage to strong women who wielded power.

    “We have a fantastic history to look back to – the likes of Melchora Aquino who inspired the Katipuneros. Her spirit was so dominant that it fuelled a revolution.”

    “Women served as the guiding post for this country, we are expected to lead,” she said, adding that the oppression of one woman means the oppression of all women in the Philippines.

    With  Ashley Erika Jose


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