• Bustos or ‘Bastos’ mayor of Bulacan?


    Tuesday saw the Department of Energy (DOE) personnel swoop down on an auto liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) station in Bustos, Bulacan.

    Residents called the attention of the DOE regarding the illegal refilling of LPG tanks of Starwin Gas and Auto LPG station along Gen. Alejo Santos Highway in the said town.

    They fear that the station might explode anytime upon contact with anything flammable while refilling LPG tanks and may kill hundreds of residents living around it.

    According to DOE, only LPG refilling plants are authorized to refill these tanks and not just any LPG auto station because of the danger of such business.

    To cut the story short, the DOE issued a ceased and desist order against Starwin, ordering its owner to padlock its station pending a deeper probe by the said agency.

    However, less than 24 hours later the said LPG station opened up for business once more as hundreds of customers lined up to have their LPG tanks refilled.

    When asked who gave them the authority to open up, the staff of the said station said they have the permission allegedly from Bustos Mayor Arnel Mendoza.

    Even DOE Executive Director Zenaida Monsada wonders why Mayor Mendoza allowed Starwin to refill LPG tanks when it is not a refilling plant after all.

    Efforts to reach the nincompoop mayor by this columnist proved futile as Mendoza’s staff gave different answers of his whereabouts.

    The heartless mayor of Batangas
    Netizens reacted when they saw a video. of a man, said to be a tuyo or dried fish thief, walking around Tanauan City, Batangas shouting “magnanakaw ako, ‘wag ako tularan” while in handcuffs and a big sign posted on his shirt that says the same thing.

    The man was caught by authorities in the said town stealing tuyo from market vendors and was ordered by Mayor Antonio Halili to be paraded so everyone can see.

    Halili said this is his punishment for those who break the law in his jurisdiction, aside of course from the penalty that will be meted by the court later on.

    For this reason, the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) cried foul over Halili’s inhumane treatment of the thief, whom some residents claim stole to feed his family.

    The CHR said there is a due process but it was not given to him by the mayor. Halili acted not only as the law enforcer but also the judge and the executioner of the poor man.

    Mayor Halili definitely did not use his small brain. He did not take into consideration that the man has children and they too will suffer the public ridicule because of the crime committed by their father.

    “Gamitin mo naman ‘yang natitira mong utak Mayor kung wala ka nang puso”!!!



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      Our public works officials are so addicted to our road system, practically repairing them each year although there is no need to do so. DPWH hates concrete as they took sometime to break but since there is no law that prevents them from destroying it will explain why we have perennial traffic jam particularly roads in countryside. Maybe it’s high time to remind these menacing highway officials not to taunt and provoke the rage of the Filipinos to turn against them.