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Parents are superheroes. No, let me rephrase that, parents of little kids are superheroes.

You see, most of us childless individuals will be quick to say that we are busy but one has not known what busy means until they become parents.

This truth could not be truer than in the midst of “adult” events such as weddings, parties, debuts, and whatnot. Parents after all are still human beings. They still would like to have time for themselves to let loose and have fun and yet, they are also guardians of little super humans and so they somehow have to make it work.

(As a side note, my parents brought my little brother and I everywhere. If kids weren’t allowed to a certain occasion, they just didn’t go.)

Good thing companies like BusyBeez exist. The first of its kind, BusyBeez is a mobile playhouse set up in the middle of grown-up events so that both parents and kids can enjoy special events simultaneously.

BusyBeez is a mobile play area where kids can play, watching educational videos, take part in arts and crafts, and interact with other “kiddie” guests while being taken care of by an accredited team who are also educators.
Owners Sam and Joy Bendo are quick to say, “We thought of BusyBeez because special events such as weddings aren’t often fitting for toddlers. The kids are often part of the entourage but don’t have a place to stay after the ceremony. We figured it was the best solution for parents who would like to attend ‘adult’ events but didn’t want to leave their children behind. At BusyBeez, the kids are the top priority.”

As educators, Sam and Joy have a great understanding of what it is like to take care of children, that and the fact that they have their own set of BusyBeez, “We have four amazing kids and just like all parents, we wish to be with them all the time. When we attend events with our co-parents, we can see that they too would like to bring their children to special occasions or would want to rush home to be with them so they don’t get to enjoy events as much. In a way, this is our way of helping our co parents.”

They go on to talk about their target market, “We cater to both parents and kids. This is for the parents who need a break to unwind and enjoy the event but it is also for the kids so they can make new memories with their parents. Hindi na sila naiiwan sa bahay so they don’t feel excluded.”

BuzyBeez owners Jay and Sam Bendo and their brood

Sam also emphasizes on the importance of not just play but of learning as well, “As a teacher, I’ve always wanted to evoke a little learning even if they are playing and the kids seem to enjoy that aspect as well.”

They’re also grateful to be working with each other, Sam is quick to say that a couple working together is actually fun, “My wife is really the mastermind behind this simple business of ours. She gathers her ideas from our own little brood and she is always brimming with new ideas.”

Both working full-time jobs, Sam says that since events fall on weekends, they can easily manage their time. Of course they take this opportunity to bring their kids to events so they can bond and see what they’re doing. For Sam and Joy, it’s really all about time management and creating new ways to spend time together.

And now we know that sometimes superheroes do get help after all.

To know more about them like them on Facebook BusyBeezMobilePlayhouse.

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