• But of course, the ‘Pets’ collectibles


    pet120160824As with every animated blockbuster, toy collectibles for The Secret Life of Pets are now all over town. Besides the walking, talking—and pricey—versions of Max, Duke, Snowball and company in major toy stores, global fast food chain McDonald’s also launched on August 20 its Secret Life of Pets Happy Meal sets.

    Eight of the mo­vie’s furry characters are featured in this collection: Max, the Terrier with a strong emotional attachment to his owner, Katie; Duke, the adopted mutt who becomes Max’ new brother; Gidget, a bubbly Pomeranian with a crush on her dog neighbor, Max; Sweet Pea, a parakeet who enjoys flying and being outdoors; Buddy, a long black Dachshund who likes getting a massage from a kitchen mixer; Snowball, an abandoned rabbit who becomes the leader of ‘The Flushed Pets’; Chloe, a blue tabby cat who loves food and cat treats; and Croc, another member of ‘The Flushed Pets.’


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