CA defers Yasay confirmation


Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. failed to get the nod of the Commission on Appointments (CA) on Wednesday because the panel wanted to see more documents that will prove that he is not a US citizen.

Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. PHOTO BY BOB DUNGO JR.

Members of the CA’s committee on foreign affairs defered the consideration of Yasay’s nomination pending the submission of additional documents regarding his citizenship.

The CA panel questioned Yasay’s citizenship following reports that he is a holder of a United States (US) passport.

But the DFA chief maintained that he only owns a passport issued by the Philippine government.

He added that he never became a US citizen, although he admitted that he applied for naturalization and for a green card where he took an oath of allegiance to the US.

Yasay pointed out that taking an oath of allegiance as a green card holder in the US is different from taking an oath to become a US citizen of America.


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  1. Being a U.S. passport holder, is that going to disqualify My Yasay? Did it say in the Constitution that an applicant to be a foreign Affairs Secretary must be a Philippine Passport holder? If the DFA already confirmed that Mr. Yasay is a Philippine passport holder, the CA Senators want more evidence? I think, in the end, Mr. Yasay will make these Senators look like a bunch of idiots. Let me recite the pledge of allegiance:
    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all”. First grader students can recite this pledge of allegiance everyday before they start their class. On the other hand, oath of allegiance goes like this:
    I, Anton Pangit, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the constitution of the United States of America, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. etc. etc….
    Is Senator Grace Poe a member of CA?

  2. You don’t do oath of allegiance when you’re granted permanent resident status. I should know because I went to that process. Since Yasay admitted that he took the oath of allegiance to the US, that means he renounced his Philippine citizenship and became a US citizen, Yasay is a holder of US passport. My uncle, who is his friend here in the US can attest to that!

  3. I thought the burden of proof is with the accuser. Therefore the CA should prove that Yasay is an american not the other way around.Di ba?

    • mabait na pinoy on

      You are absolutely correct Mr. Artates!! The Commission on Appointments are just a bunch of morons that could hardly tell the difference between their asses and their mouths.