• CA orders probe of Binay’s assets


    The Court of Appeals (CA) has officially issued an order for examination of Vice President Jejomar Binay’s bank accounts.

    In granting the petition of the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC), the CA also ordered inspection of the bank deposits of Binay’s wife, children and a law office connected to him.

    According to unimpeachable sources of The Manila Times, Binay’s personal assets are now under scrutiny to determine if the funds are ill-gotten or not.

    The sources said a resolution to look into Binay’s assets was penned and signed by Associate Justice Eduardo Peralta, the senior member of the CA’s regular division.

    The order has been released and sent to the banks where the Vice President has accounts, according to the sources.

    They said the court’s order also mandates the banks to report to the CA the amounts transacted in all of Binay’s bank accounts.

    The sources added that the bank accounts of Binay’s wife Elenita and son Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin “Junjun” Binay Jr. will also be laid bare.

    They said the CA also ordered a probe of the bank accounts of corporations that have links to the Binay clan.

    The order was issued based on the testimony of former Makati Vice Mayor Ernesto Mercado.

    Among the bank accounts sought to be examined are those with the Banco de Oro, Bank of the Philippine Islands, Land Bank of the Philippines and several others.

    Also included in the probe are the bank accounts of businessman Gerry Limlingan, the alleged dummy and bagman of Binay when he was still the mayor of Makati, as claimed by Mercado.

    The bank accounts of the law office linked to Binay—the Subido Pagente Certeza Mendoza & Binay—where Binay’s daughter, Makati City (Metro Manila) Rep. Mar-Len Abigail Binay was a partner, are also included in the probe, the sources said.

    The Manila Times was informed earlier that the Office of the Ombudsman pushed the AMLC to investigate Binay’s bank accounts.

    Some high-ranking officials at the Office of the Ombudsman are connected with former Defense Secretary Avelino “Nonong” Cruz, the lawyer of Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas 2nd, according to the sources.

    Cruz was the lawyer of Roxas when he ran and lost to Binay in the race for Vice President in the May 2010 elections. He is currently the partner of former Ombudsman Simeon Marcelo, who broke away from “The Firm” the former Carpio Villaraza Cruz Marcelo law office.

    In the long list of AMLC cases in the CA after Republic Act 9160 was signed into law in 2001, this is the first time that the bank accounts of the Vice President of the Philippines are being sought for examination.

    This makes Binay the highest-ranking government official being investigated by AMLC for alleged ill-gotten wealth.

    The Senate blue ribbon committee earlier ordered an inquiry into the transactions and assets of Binay on the basis of testimonies of Mercado, Renato Bondal and Nicolas Enciso 6th.

    Mercado and the two complainants filed plunder raps against the Vice President and his son before the Office of the Ombudsman in connection with the allegedly overpriced Makati City Hall Building 2.


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    1. Rocky Coronel on

      This is a relief, good development and warning to those who have accumulated wealth illegally. Unless the VP has the brains and wit of Marcos, he is in trouble. I just don’t see the need why the item still want to put some malice on the possible involvement of Roxas into this issue. Whether or not he is a part of it does not make Binay less guilty. Why put political color in every attempt to expose graft?

    2. Venetian macau on

      Mahirap mapagbigyan ang tao na ito at baka manalo pa at lalo lang tayo mapagnakawan. Yong initial findings tungkol sa tao na ito is worth alarming at di na kailangan subukan pa uli .Just remember the Marcos era na halos lahat tayo ay naibenta na wala tayong alam. kailangan ito siya maimbestigahan bago pa magelection next year. let justice decides what’s good for him.

    3. VP Binay’s SALN and ALMC findings can be compared if the assets are legally earned and declared! It must also consider the salary and other legit income of The Binsys, as Mayor of Makati. Of course, the overpricing cases have to be considered in Bnay’ s system of amassing considerable wealth! I seriously doubt if BINAY can lawfully justify their wealth ad compared to their legit income. If legit income is considerably LESS than the wealth accum,u later, then they must be acquired unlawfully thru crooked and corrupt ways and must be forfeited to government. Of course, forfeiture is without prejudice to putting the Binays in jail for plunder for the rest of their remaining crooked lives

    4. Finally, VP Binay will be able to defend himself in a court of law (not of public opinion).
      Opinions hereabouts were formed, thanx to the concerted efforts of Blue Ribbon sub-comm., that Binay’s parking structure was overpriced and that he made a bundle out of it. Abangan!!

    5. yeheyyyy!!!! mawala na sana sa bangungot ng mga magnanakaw na pulitiko ang mahal kong PILIPINAS…

    6. jua nationalista on

      Thanks God the prayers of the majority of Filipinos are answered. Binay said during the senate investigation that he will only answer the accusations before the court. Now he is saying dirty politics is the reason for the probe. When does Binay ran out of LIES and ALIBIS to answer the accusations? Majority of the Filipinos already know his LIES and ALIBIS and we are all waiting to see him and his family in jail. Ang itim alaga ng budhi ng mga Binays.

    7. why how much money involved this to pin binay’s family the mad, the 3 itlog cpt the supporting actors mercado bondal and enciso. why they afraid of binays. ang daming problema ng ph like fallen 44 ngyon natabunan diverting the issue form fallen 44 to binays at pati and ginglang na CA ay nagpatuta narin gumising ka bayan

      • qiqo,ano problema sa Fallen 44? May magagawa pa ba para maibalik ang buhay nila kung mapinpoint sino ang may lapses sa operation? Fallen 44 is not PH problem, issue lang yan. Ang problema ng bansa e mga Pulitikong Magnanakaw tulad ng mga BINAY!

    8. The Process should have been the investigating agency will apply for the Court approval to investigate the Binays’ Bank Accounts justifying its reason as to its relevant to the case..it can also apply for court approval to access the Binays’ privileged Communication and all their computer files including their virtual files..These processes were done by one single agency when it nailed 3 of Senators for Fraud (corruption) and Breach of Public Trust..it was just the RCMP who did all the investigation…but of course along with the Cops were also the its Anti Money Laundering units, its IT experts, its forensic scientists…it is an ALL IN ONE service…

    9. Lissa Boromeo on

      Sige lang, gamitin niyo pa si VP Binay. Siguro nga at mas maputi kayo pero yun lang ang kinalamang niyo. Tigilan niyo na ang paggamit niyo kay VP Binay.

      GO VP BINAY!

    10. trouble is the accusers are corrupt too. i go for binay, at least he is not as evil as those who like binay to be disqualified to run. this is a disguised political circus. look, luy mention 18 senators in napolis list yet they only filed charges against 3 opposition senators, selective justice disguised as daan matuwid. according to alberto rojo facebook this administration is corrupt.

    11. di dapat pumalag si binay dito sabi nya pabor sya sa freedom of information bill eh hayaan na nya amlc na silipin assets nya.

    12. This is it now that he is asking the right forum. Your alibis and blah blah will be tested.

    13. Ano ba na naman ang saarzuelang ito. Palabas lang yan at walang mangyayari sa kasong ito. Mayroon bang politicong pinoy ang nabibilango sa kasong ganito. When the fire is gone and the smoke rises, nothing is left and everything is forgotten.

      • Ano ka ba Tanga o nagtatangatangahan? Di mo ba nabalitaan nangyari kay Gloria, Revilla, Enrile at Jingoy? Di ba nakakulong dahil sa pagnanakaw?

      • rene catalasan on

        Remember there is always a first time! Political reason is always the defense of the VP. I sincerely believed this time his ‘tune’ will entirely be different.

    14. Why has it taken this long to get to this stage. I wonder how long all this will take as there are even more to be investigated than any of us ever imagined. This will clearly show if binay is honest or corrupt. Lets see how he starts talking about this now. If he starts saying its a witch hunt against him you know he will be caught out as a thief & a liar.
      Thats what i already think but im also fair in that if there is no evidence to say he is implicated in any of this stealing or whatever then he is innocent & all should appolagise to him & mercado should face the full weight of the law for lying.
      But lets see how it all pans out.

      • jua nationalista on

        You might say there are no evidences but the Binays are witty and smart to hide their stolen wealth. It is so hard to prove or provide evidences if the Binays use DUMMIES to hide their ill-gotten wealth. I just hope that the Binays will face the court without their alibis of saying that it is all about politics. Kung nagbigay ka sa Manila Times, NPA, Bayan ng P100 at P1M naman ang napunta sa iyo ay kasalanan pa rin ang pagnanakaw ng pera ng bayan. Si Robin Hood noong araw ay ibinibigay halos lahat ang ninakaw niya sa masa.

    15. jose b. taganahan on

      Good move by the AMLC and kudos for the Court of Appeals for acting with dispatch! Now the Binays can show to the Courts if they are really clean or corrupt!

    16. The Court of Appeals should also order the investigation of all relatives and associates of Vice President Jejomar Binay who have demonstrated sudden wealth and lavish luxuries.

    17. Daapat naman kailangan lahat ng politico usisain kong saan nang galing ang kanilang
      kayamanan. Alam naman natin ng mag umpisa sila sa politica karamihan sa kanila
      mga ordinariong mamamayan. After seeral terms in offfice malaki na ang bahay, isang katotak na ang mga kotse, pabalik-balik na sa States, Hongkong, Singapore, sa
      Roma, Australia. Alangan naman na nag mimina sila ng pera. Its time for the
      goernment to put a stop on this bullshit piliticians.