• CA summons Trillanes


    Senator told to prove bribe raps vs CA justices in open court


    Senator Antonio Trilllanes 4th

    Senator Antonio Trilllanes 4th has been given his day in court to defend his accusations that two members of the judiciary had accepted bribe money in exchange for favorable decisions in the case of Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr.

    In a resolution of the Special 5th Division of the Court of Appeals, dated July 28, 2015, and penned by Associate Justice Stephen Cruz, Trillanes was ordered to appear for oral arguments on August 14, 2 p.m., at the Paras Hall.

    “Be that as it may, we believe that there are matters to be clarified, hence, there is a need to set a hearing to allow parties to be heard and for this court to propound classificatory questions to the parties or their witnesses,” the court ruled.

    Concurring with the ruling are Justices Ramon Paul Hernando and Maria Luisa Quijano-Padilla.

    Trillanes also on Tuesday said he will abide by the order of the CA and will show up in the August 14 hearing.

    According to him, he will let his lawyers do what needs to be done in connection with the case.

    “But it should go both ways, if I was summoned and compelled to appear then I will appear but they should also be ready to appear,” Trillanes told reporters.

    The senator said he will stand by his claims about the bribery incident, adding that he has sources to back them.

    When asked if he is willing to identify his sources, Trillanes replied that he has to protect his sources and the court cannot force him to name them.

    The CA ordered Trillanes to explain why he should not be cited for contempt for making baseless allegations.

    Binay had asked the appellate court to cite Trillanes in contempt for issuing irresponsible statements against the two CA justices handling a petition of the city mayor.

    He scored Trillanes for accusing magistrates of the CA of receiving bribe money in exchange for issuing two orders that halted Binay’s preventive suspension order.

    CA Justices Jose Reyes and Francisco Acosta were accused by the senator of receiving P25 million each in exchange for favorable resolutions in the Binay case.

    The CA 6th Division, composed of Reyes, Acosta and Justice Eduardo Peralta issued a temporary restraining order and writ of preliminary injunction that halted Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales’ order of preventively suspending Binay.

    “Trillanes made several baseless and sweeping statements against the independence, integrity and reputation of the [CA] and the justices in the 6th Division,” the Special 5th Division said.

    “[I]n the face of respondent’s [Trillanes] disrespectful act and unrelenting malicious attacks toward the [CA] and its justices, there is a need for the [CA] to protect and preserve its dignity and independence. It, therefore, behooves the [CA] to cite respondent Trillanes for indirect contempt and mete out the appropriate punishment on him,” it added.


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    1. Roldan Guerrero on

      This Rouge Senator together with Cayetano and Pimentel are using the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee to run after their political foes which is a personal vindication. Take the example of the Binays whom they are conducting chains of investigations until now, unfortunately, their fishing expedition is still negative up to now. We would like to know how much they have already spent out of these investigations and would like to know what is the penalty for lawmakers doing these mesh.

    2. senator, now is your time to prove that you have two balls still hanging in there. this is an open court. make your stand the way you want us to see about you. you will be our hero if you “nip the bud” right where it is..

    3. Charlie Balakubak on

      Trillanes head has become bigger than his balls! He can not reveal his source because he got small balls and he got no source either.

    4. No worry Trill crook VP Binay will go to jail before you.Just face the music in which coward crook VP Binay couldnt do.

    5. Hindi ko nga maubos maisip na bigla na lang naging senador itong isang to. Maliban sa coup na pinamunuan nya na pumalpak naman, ewan ko kung anong qualifications meron siya para mailuklok sa senado. Ngakngak lang ng ngakngak. Buti pa ang buto me utak, eto wala. Pagtumakbo pa ito at nanalo uli, I’ll rest my case. Saksakan na talagang mga tangang pilipino (sorry)!

    6. Trillanes will invoke his defense that he is just quoting his sources but will not reveal their names when compelled to do so. That’s how low the Senate has sunk by, among other reasons, having this unthinking-coup-plotter-asshole as a senator.

      • I Remember... on

        I can only agree with you!!!

        What a plunk!!! This Trillanes is a nut case…goes well with the other nut in the palace

    7. Puro ka source. Kng talagang totoo yang allegations mo bakit hindi mo sinampahan ng kaso ang mga CA justices involved. Boy Source ka nga talaga.

    8. apolonio reyes on

      I was listening to DZMM 2×2 and Sen.Trillala said to Anthony’s questions ” People knows his track records “. Wala akong alam na mabuting truck records ni Trillala kundi sya ang isa leaders na gusto pabagsakin ang gobierno ni GMA at hiningan ng tulong daw si dating Mayor Binay kaya galit na galit sya dito ng hindi dumating sa Peninsula at binagsak sya. Ano pa ba ang track record ni Trillala? Youn nag volunteer sya kay Pnoy maging “Back Door Diplomat ” sa China para kausapin tungkol sa West Philippine Sea problema na PUMALPAK. Ano pa, yuon sa investigation ng SSBRC sa BINAY FAMILY? PWEDE SIGURO!

    9. Give it to him! Power has gone to the head of this” rebel with no cause” except himself. He seems to be enjoying his immunity from suit.

    10. AT last this will leave the kangaroo court and go to a real court where real evidence is heard. Trilannes knows all about inquisitions but nothing about being fair and unbiased.

    11. Samuel Santos on

      August 14, 2015, 2 P.M.: The “moment of Truth” for Trillanes which could “make or break him.” Abangan natin.

    12. I Remember... on

      Trillanes should just get it full blast.. finally. What an incompetent and corrupted a s s h o l e!