• CAAP accepts 60 scholars


    Some 60 trainees of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) were formally accepted as scholars in the Civil Aviation Officer Candidate Scholarship Program (CAOCSP) during the recognition ceremony on Tuesday. The trainees, seven of the top 10 candidates are women, passed the CAAP’s air traffic controller examination this year and managed to qualify for the scholarship program. CAAP spokesman Eric Apolonio said the program is to ensure adequacy of aviation professionals as a qualified and appropriately trained to perform the technical function of the CAAP. Qualified candidates get a starting salary of around P48,000 with benefits. The country has only over 700 air traffic controllers. Examinations are held twice a year at CAAP testing centers in Manila, Laoag, Cebu-Mactan, Zamboanga, and Laguindingan in Cagayan de Oro.


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    1. all previous trainees of CAAP were also scholars. no allowances, etc. some resigned from their present work to try their luck in the training but failed and returned home with nothing but regret. some were lucky to have passed and still patiently awaiting for their item for almost 5 years. however some cant wait that they decided to apply for abroad therefore CAAP should start another training to compensate the loss. and the process continues. thank you.

    2. May I ask who is your source? Did you know that caap has over 50% of their ATCs as job orders? some of them have been job orders since 2008. All of them recieve no benefits, night differentials, and any bonuses whole year round. These are just some of the facts that most people don’t know.